Couple questions

Is milk included in the nutrition values of the huel powder or are the values strictly the powder? I’m guessing you should just use water anyway?

And have any of you used huel for 100% of your diet before, and how did it go?


Milk isn’t included as it is not part of it.
If you like the thicker creamy Huel what i do is make it the night before (add more water than normal) then put it in the fridge. In the morning you have a fantastic thick shake without the extra calories of the milk.

I have don e 100% Huel for a few days with no side affects.

I use water and it’s really thick. If you want it thicker you can use less water.

And the nutrition is without milk. To be honest I think with milk it’d be a bit too heavy.

I’m using Huel to lose weight and it’s going fine; I have 3 scoops (450 cal) with 550ml of water and it fills me fine; and then I drink plenty of water (since it’s high fiber) and I stay satisfied for a good 3 - 4 hours. The magic happens when you drink water after the shake; the more water you drink the more full you feel from the fiber reacting with the water.

Ultimately weight loss is about calories in vs calories out; you’ve still gotta count your calories. Huel isn’t a magic bullet but it’s quick, convenient and protein/fiber content help satiety.

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Yeah i understand calories in vs calories out I’ve ordered huel for the sake of convenience and its cheaper than my current food bill I was just curious of peoples experience that have had a huel only diet and whether it was sustainable for them

I haven’t had a “plate meal” since mid October, though I do add about a hundred grams of frozen or fresh fruit (or a couple of hundred millimetres of fruit juice) to my Huel. I also have the odd treat - nuts, Bombay mix or chocolate… Absolutely no problems at all. My doctor did extra bloods when using told her what I was eating and there’s nothing amiss there (apart from what’s already amiss!). I’d be really harassed off if I had to go back to plate meals…

When I first started in January I was disappointed with the taste and from day 2 to about day 7 I used milk. This made the huel palatable but I got through a lot of milk that week and, although cost wasn’t my primary concern, it defeated the object of the quoted £1.something per meal.

I now use water and put a Canderel tablet in it and really enjoy it.

Been using it with whole milk (3.5%) to boost my fat intake. No issues, no complaints. Much thicker and creamier, yum! Like a super healthy milkshake :slight_smile:

Also, been using 100% Huel for months now and it’s ace. Genuinely not sure I could go back to regular food.

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