New to Huel ready to go

My first delivery of Huel will be here today starting to use Huel as I don’t eat breakfast and I think this will help, my partner does juice plus not my thing. Hoping things go well going to mix with milk as not looking at lossing weight.

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Good luck. I would try without milk first and leave in the fridge for a few hours.

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Good luck! I’ve tried Huel with milk and without and definitely prefer it without. Worth trying both though. Get it nice and cold and it’s delicious :slight_smile:

I actually prefer Huel with milk. I think it tastes like a creamy vanilla milkshake. Guess it’s different for everyone.

You just need to find your favourite shake and there are plenty of ways to experiment with that. Also the amount of liquid matters. Some people (like me, a milkshake loving person) like their shake a bit thicker and add less milk or water.

Thanks all will try with water and milk see what I like.

Get them off that, way too much sugar.

With Huel, I’ve tried all sorts of milks, almond seems to work best for me, but soy was a close second.

Day 3 really enjoying it playing around with different flavours. Been making them the night before and leaving in the fridge is is great.

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