Just starting on huel - day 0

My huel turned up a day early (a Sunday delivery) and inside the box was one cup shaker and 2 scoops.
I also ordered huel bars, and I received version 1.2.

I’m assuming my huel vanilla is version 2.

I measured out 5 scoops of cold water poured in inot my shaker and got a black marker pen and marked the level on the side, so I’ll never need to measure out 5 scoops again.

I dropped in a single, compacted into the scoop, huel and shook the bottle with my finger over the clip lid for the spout.

First impressions were mixed. It had a funny taste to it. After thinking about it while still drinking it, I realised that my was slightly gagging on the cold water bubbles form the shaking of it, and I could only drink half of it, the rest I had to throw away.

I have always enjoyed my food hot rather than cold, so I thought about hot water. I then thought that it might taste even better with hot milk, so I measured out 5 scoops of skimmed milk and tipped those into a microwavable jug and heated the milk up gor about 2 minutes, just until it bubbles.

I mixed the huel and milk together and it was soo much nicer than cold with water. I fifnished my huel very quickly compared to how long it took me to drink it cold with water.

I also tried one of the huel bars, chocolate flavour. My only comment is I bought a box of 16, and after tasting one, I wish I could send back the other 15 for a full refund. They are awful

Bearing in mind that I am a full carnovore and I eat pretty much anything that used to walk, fly, swim or crawl this earth, going from that to this is a real challenge for me, but i can stomach the huel with hot milk no problem.

My next challenge will be to start replacing a meal with huel, then 2 meals, then by day 7, all 3 meals.

I plan to use nothing but huel for 14 days after that, consuming my basal calorie rate minus 1,000 to lose 2lbs per week, but to also only consume huel for 14 days to give my body a complete detox to try and reset the bacteria in my digestive system to try and resolve some minor bowel problems, as my \gp came up with nothing.

It can’t hurt to do it anyway, even if it doesn’t resolve some of my issues, it will still be a good detox for my body.

Didn’t it seem very watery? The suggested ratio is 5 water : 1 huel by weight. A few people make this mistake. I think it’s because this ratio is the most quoted by far, yet a scoop is supplied with the product, which is obviously a volume measure. Easy to get mixed up if not paying enough attention. Not that it matters, though, as it’s just a starting point for experimentation.

Try sticking a Huel bar in the microwave too…someone else did it and said it tasted better. Only 15 seconds I think was required.

If you still don’t like them…I am sure someone will take them off your hand for a few quid.

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Yes that was me :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Huel bars are lovely warm with a bit of greek yogurt!

K x


Ah, I knew I read it…couldn’t remember who.

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Are you saying that my mix is wrong? for every 5 scoops of water, I added a scoop of huel, which is a 5:1 ratio.

It is not a 5:1 ratio by weight. I just weighed a scoop of water. It was 67g. A scoop of huel is only about 38g. Powder has much more volume for the same weight, if you don’t compress it thoroughly.

190ml of water on 1 scoop of huel would be the recommended amount.

That’s why I use scales. Weight of powder is more accurate than volume of powder. May settle in transit…

right, ok.

My reply was to Wavey75 and what he wrote, not to you. Maybe you mixed that up? I actually confirmed what you had said and elaborated further.

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We’re trying to phase out the ratio information for this reason. We recommend 3 scoops with 570ml as a good starting point. Don’t use the scoop to measure water for this reason (it will also add moisture to your pouch if you then dip it in your pouch). The ratios are for weight as these folks have said because 1ml of water = 1g (570/114 = 5).

1 scoop of Huel with 190ml as @flamme has said is bang on this 5:1 ratio, but this is a starting point and you should edit to your preference.

@Wavey75 Really sorry you aren’t enjoying the Huel bars, we are working at the moment on making them tastier! We recommend having a glass of water alongside. Also, a 1000kcal deficit sounds quite a lot and right on the edge of what many recommend. Do keep an eye on yourself and if this is too much then decrease it to a 500kcal deficit. Let us know how you get along.

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My apologies.

Thanks for the reply Tim, but I’m stuck with a box of 15 bars that I don’t like at all,. What happened to the banana and cinamon flavour ones, they sound tasty?

Ideally, I’d love to be able to send back these huel bars as they’re not at all tasty, no matter what temperature they are.

As for the huel portions, I’m still a little fuzzy on how you’re suggesting I do it. How cna I adjust it according tm my preference, it will either be thicker or runnier, that;s not a taste preference to me?

Also, a 1000kcal deficit is not at all too much, I’ve spoken to a medical professional who has known me for years and it’s all acording to personal experience. If I don’t hit that -1000 each day, it’s not a total loss.

One thing I hear a lot when I talk about huel is, “Nah, it won’t work cause as soon as you stop huel and atart eating normally again, you’ll put all the wieght back on.” nut I plan to start a new diet when I do lose weight, so I’ll be learning how I should eat once I lose weight, so I will never be returning to what I called normal, because that way is not healthy for me, or probably for anyone else.

We’ve only ever had a Cocoa flavoured bar, but those sounds delicious too!

I’m afraid I don’t know the ins and outs of our policy on this sort of thing. The only thing I can recommend is to email team@huel.com and see what our lovely CS team can do for. I wouldn’t want to promise anything though.

I was just clarifying the preparation method, not recommending ways to change the taste. If you aren’t getting along with the Huel Powder taste then head to this thread as there are loads of great ideas there.

Great that you’ve got some advice from a professional, if they’re happy then I’m happy :slight_smile:

Let us know if there is anything else!