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Hey there!

To give you a bit of a background, I’m extremely overweight for my age, after suffering an injury from Rugby and then becoming a slob at university, I piled on the weight to a point where it’s not funny. 3 weeks ago a family member suffered a brain haemorrhage and one of the reasons it happened was poor fitness and being overweight (among other things) This shocked me into joining the gym and working my ass off!!

It’s only been three weeks and I have lost a fair bit of weight just cutting down lunch, no fizzy drinks at all now and going to the gym anywhere from 3 - 5 a week (if I go less than 3 times a week then my girlfriend is allowed to think of a forfeit and there are no rules, that’s been keeping me in my place!)

I decided to try Huel to aid in weight loss, I struggle massively when it comes to dinner, I am that person that would rather order a take out and then feel guilty afterwards, and I don’t want that… So Huel!

I have tried my first attempt here, 3 scoops worth as lunch was less than desirable on the calories, added water per the instructions and then added some more as it was very thick. I have to be honest, it really doesn’t taste that good! I managed to get half way and stuck it in the fridge as I had heard people said that helps, in my opinion it didn’t. I’m also incredibly full and I still; have 1/3 of the shaker left to drink.

I’m looking for any easy solutions to help out with this? Maybe I’m doing something wrong? I have ordered some of the flavours as I think that could possibly help (who doesn’t like mint and caramel?!) Please do let me know!


EDIT: So I messed around and actually found a really nice mixture that I like, 3 scoops to 500ml of water, took away the nasty taste!

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It was too much for me at first too, but now I just dont add more water after shaking, so only 400ml. Also, your body needs to get used to it, give it a few days. I couldnt down one drink the first day, but now I can drink 2 with no problem.

Flavours help a lot. Tbh I like the Vanilla taste, but with flavours it’s another level. I don’t use original Huel flavours, but MyProtein flavdrops, in my opinion they are more flexible and cheaper. If you want, give it a try in the future. :slight_smile: But Huel flavours are also great, especially Banana and Pineapple/Coconut, my favorites. :slight_smile:

Also, my first time it took me an hour to finish the shake. And after that, I had big bowel problems. Especially if before you had a diet poor in fibers, take it easy. I did my first week with only 2 scoops as a complement to my normal meals, and I got used to it. Now I drink 3 scoops in a matter of minutes, and I could go faster, but I like to sip it.
Take your time. And good luck for your journey! :slight_smile:

Also, I’d suggest that if you are feeling full, stop. The calories you need shouldn’t override feeling full, that’s how we get ourselves into the mindset of eating too much. Stop when you’re full. Put the rest in the fridge and finish it when you’re hungry again.

At least, that’s my opinion.


I started with shakes for breakfast and lunch, and had 100g of Huel each time, it just got to be too much and I wasn’t ready for the next meal so I’ve gradually cut it back over time and I’m currently on 75g Huel - that amount with 400ml water/milk keeps me full for around 5 hours.

If you’re full then cut back on the amount you’re having, you have to tailor it to meet your needs rather than have your needs rigidly fixed on x amount.

Hi guys,

Firstly, thank you so much for your replies! So I have tried again today and this time I have three scoop to water then topped up 100ml water so about 500ml in total. It is MUCH better, you get far more vanilla punching through which is much much better than the oatyness I was getting from literally filling the shaker up to thin the huel out. (Dare I say, im actually liking it)

Will update the original post soon :slight_smile: