What would be your top tip to a new Huel user?

Hi Huelers,

I’m writing up some helpful guides and tips for people to note when they first start Huel. Is there anything that you’ve discovered that you think would be useful to have known before you started Huel?

For me, my top tip would be adding ice. Ice with Huel is so good!

What’s yours?

Thanks everyone.

Refrigerate for an hour before. It might have the same effect as adding ice, I’m not sure as I’ve not tried it. However, leaving it to ‘sit’ for a while seems to improve flavour and thickness - however there’s a chance I’m imagining this.

Trust the scoop. I went tough a phase of weighing to get precise measurements. However, the scoop is plenty accurate enough,

Start slowly. Some people complain of gas, stomach rumbling etc. Setting this expectation to new users might be valuable to avoid putting users off.

Get a hobby. You’ll have so much time, you’ll possibly not know what to do with yourself! When my g/friend and I were on Soylent only (before I found Huel!) we gained so much time we were forced to talk to each other, go for walks etc. She seemed to like this side effect more than I :wink:

Experiment. Different thicknesses, different flavours. Add cocoa, nutmeg, cinnamon, fresh berries, banana - whatever you like. Perhaps you’ll discover an amazing combo! I’ve yet to try blended bacon…


weigh it, blend it, chill it. I always make my huel (5 x 100g) the night before and stick it in the fridge.


Can only comment on Vanilla Huel.

Using water, less makes for a thicker consistency when Huel added, more makes for a longer, thinner drink.

Using almond or coconut milks go for a longer drink when adding Huel as it will thicken to almost milk shake proportions.

Using coconut water aids re-hydration no end post heavy exercise.

I weigh my Huel precisely so I know my intake,my micros & macros and how long my bags will last.

If reliant on the shaker, make sure the lid is on properly, get one of the many shaker balls available to assist and shake it until your arms burn - just for the exercise…(the lumps will have gone after the first few shakes).

Alternatively buy a blender, add some fruit if required or desired. I tend to add more liquid (water, almond milk etc) as it does come out thicker again.

Refrigerate to maximize flavours and add more consistency.

For additional flavourings, try experimenting with adding the liquid from infused teas, or fresh ginger if blending, powdered ginger if shaking, bit of tumeric (thinking Golden Milk), bit of cinnamon, bit of cayenne to give it some welly.

Be prepared for the positive change in your life and the unexpected surprising welcome changes like 5 inches off your waistline without even trying.

I suffered day 3 from digestive changes but have never looked back since.


Stick to either seclusion or wide open spaces for days 2-5 of a 100% Huel diet.



Blended with almond milk, a frozen banana and mixed berries, sooooo good!


Blended with Coconut Milk and the Chocolate flavour system! Mmmm Bounty.


blend don’t shake, add cinnamon

so far so good I’m now on 2 x Huel 3 scoops feeling great


use cocoa nibs ground into a powder in the blade coffee grinder, add it, add stevia powder.
makes a nice natural chocolate flavour plus more plant phytonutrients.


Thanks so much for the tips everyone! These have been incredibly helpful for what I’m doing. They’re also helpful because I’ve been stealing your ideas to use myself! If anyone else seeing this has any more keep them coming!

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I would say that using the flavour pouches is a great idea, they don’t alter the nutritional values yet do vary the flavour considerably. The variety makes a hell of a difference if you are going to try and do 100% Huel.

Also, you can use fresh coffee in place of just water. Doing this with the vanilla Huel and some toffee flavour system powder makes it taste a bit like coffee cake. a definite winner! :slight_smile:


Get a big airtight plastic box with an easily openable and resealable lid, and empty your bag into it.


If you shake it. The mesh ice guard definitely reduces chunking and hinders them from falling through.

Put the water in first
Then the powder
Then the guard and top
Shake it like you hate it.

For me, I just want to get it over and done with. Shake it, hammer it down, and go. I don’t enjoy the taste one single bit but don’t find it offputting, regardless I try to block my senses when I drink it.

But the stuff is awesome. So far, it is a complete solution for a lifelong problem of being unable to eat proper meals and as a result being underweight. Pretty happy to not need to worry about food anymore. I can enjoy it instead. Or go pure Huel if I choose to not eat for a week. It certainly puts the food back on your mind again after nothing but RoboCop dinner.


Buy yourself a blender.

I used HUEL for two weeks before I bought one and honestly, I was starting to get really bored of the taste by then and the slightly lumpy nature of it was always unpleasant.

Few days ago I bought myself a Breville Blend-Active blender and everything is so much better.

No lumps, gives a nice smooth drink and all of a sudden I’m able to play around with chucking different things in there so I’m not going to get bored of having the same tasting thing over and over again.


Definitely blend. Keep the water in the fridge (or use ice) and blend a fresh huel when you want it. Used to keep prepared huel overnight, but now prefer it straight away if made with chilled water. If you think you’ll get on well with it, try all the flavour pouches. Makes things much more interesting. Also try adding your own flavours sweet and savoury

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I love mine with Almond milk a Banana and some peanut butter. I started experimenting with flavours as I didn’t like the sucralose aftertaste. I can barely notice it now after a month and I love this mixture so I’ve ordered my second set today. I normally do 2 scoops, 400ml of unsweetened almond milk (will start making mine soon) and two tea spoons of crunchy peanut butter, I then blend it and enjoy.

My biggest advice would be always blend, always seem to get bits stuck in the shaker if I don’t.

New add - spoon full of flavoured coffee in with my breakfast Huel such as




Douwe Egberts

(other makes are available)

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Going against the grain here to say that you might find you don’t need it to be blended or refrigerated. If you find it too sweet try to get accustomed to unflavoured unsweetened.

Took me awhile to get used to the taste and texture of unflavoured unsweetened, at first it was like drinking chalk, but now it just seems like a sensible food. I also used to blend it, but now I find it perfectly palatable after just shaking, and that takes less time. I never liked it cold, so refrigarating is not for everyone.

Oh and it will separate, that’s fine, just shake it again.


Agree with this, when I started on huel I was blending or blasting in nutrabullet, with fruit and trying it hot with porrage and all sorts of different things but it was beginning to defeat the purpose of it being convenient.
Now I just scoop/shake and go, that’s the whole convenience side of it that appealed to me in the first place, at home I do keep a bottle of water in the fridge so I have chilled huel shakes. So basically my tip would be just scoop shake and go. I may try the flavour pouches at some point but this approach works well for me, I do spend a lot of time in the mountains and traveling though where it’s not possible to do it any other way.