What would be your top tip to a new Huel user?

My suggestion would be to consider buying one bag of unsweetened and unflavoured (I usually buy 3 x vanilla, 1 x unflavoured), so you can experiment with your own flavourings and not have the vanilla interfere or be too sweet if you put other sweet things in. One thing I have liked is unflavoured + a couple of espresso shots + gingerbread/caramel monin coffee syrup (the stuff they use in Starbucks). With a nespresso machine it’s very convenient and good as a breakfast. Kind of tastes like a thick latte.

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Making almond milk was a pain so I’ve abandoned that. Lately I just do Huel, almond milk and a bit of honey to kill the sucralose aftertaste that I still ca’t get over.

Put water in BEFORE huel if you want to shake. Otherwise it sticks to the bottom


I found that if I want to do a full day on Huel, I need to preempt my hunger and have my Huel before I get ravenous. The longer I wait, the more likely I am to cheat and get a takeaway :blush:


Get your ratio of Huel to liquid right! I almost put myself off it forever with my first go because I assumed a scoop was 100g. I tried one scoop of vanilla Huel with 500ml of water and half a teaspoon of Pineapple & Coconut flavour and almost puked! Now I love 3 scoops of vanilla Huel blended with 250ml whole milk, 250ml chilled coconut water, a banana and half a teaspoon of cinnamon for breakfast. I drink it in the car on my way to work or have it as ‘brunch’ at home and its convenient, healthy and filling.

The Vanilla is pretty disgusting and I cannot bring myself to drink it but I also ordered a bag of unsweetened and although bland, I can add to it to make it more bearable. It kinda tastes like oat milk with a strange powdery aftertaste.

However, since I bought a blender I have been whipping up concoctions and it can be pretty delicious. Watch out because you will be piling in extra calories, so now I use two scoops with 400 ml of water, some black forest frozen berries, a ripe banana and it tastes lovely. I added some honey in yesterday and that made it really delicious but much more calorific. With the vanilla, my partner made it more bearable by replacing 200 ml of water with semi-skimmed milk, frozen berries, banana, a spoon of hot chocolate and a teaspoon of peanut butter which seemed to take away that awful sweetener flavour, I think a little bit of salt counteracts the awful sweetness/chemical flavour nicely. However, it did add a lot more calories to it. I might try olives too, trying to think of tasty salty things I can add to it.

As for weight loss, too early to tell as it’s only my 4th day, I have lost 1 pound despite tucking into a Chinese takeaway last night and a pizza the night before :open_mouth: BUT… I have been so full of energy I can’t keep still, feel so light on my feet and up for doing things. Normally I’m exhausted all the time and feel pretty lazy (probably due to a bad diet) I still think about delicious food as nothing can beat the aromas, taste and texture of real cuisine. I miss my poached eggs on toast with gouda cheese in the morning so I am going to switch it the meals around a bit so I am not denying myself of lovely food.

Also, I seem to have so much more time now that I am not preparing and planning, cooking meals! Now I can focus more on fun hobbies. Oh and I should say, I am having two scoops for breakfast, two scoops for lunch then normal dinner with the aim to hopefully lose some weight.

More than anything experiment and share. I’m moving away from fresh fruit like berries and using frozen instead - less faff and washing up(!) Marks and Sparks elderflower and Apple give it a touch of British esotericism. With some almond milk coming tomorrow I’m thinking about using the almond mild as a basis for a raita. And though
I haven’t tried it yet, I see no reason why hummus shouldn’t work well. A few sprouts, a pledge of meat gravy, and some recurrent jelly and an apricot for a venison-less Sunday roast… Any one else eyeing cheese board?

Buy a blender which lets you drink straight from the container, such as Nutribullet.

But frozen bags of fruit and when using a blender, add them to your Huel to give it more flavour.

When not using a blender, use MyProtein flavdrops. They’re a super convenient way to inject some flavour into your Huel when on the move or sans-blender. My vote goes for the toffee flavoured ones.

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Weigh it out on a scale. 100g = ~400 cals. The scoop is not accurate enough.

Gradually build up the amount you use. Its a bit of a shock to the system at first. e.g. once a day every other day at first.

Use myprotein power towers to store, they can fit 100g if compressed.

I agree with the use of toffee flavour myprotein flavdrops to improve the flavour, very nice!

Add water first and dont use the mesh part of the shaker, bits will just stick to it.

I personally prefer it a bit thicker/lumpy, I find it a bit more satisfying and filling than drinking like a dilute smoothie from a blender.

Mostly just experiment and figure out what works for you.

Whoa! Freakin’ awesome! Thanks for sharing that tip. I’m going to order bunch straight away :slight_smile: