Huel first timer

Hi all
I’m a newbie to Huel my order arrives today - I’m looking to use Huel as meal replacement for breakfast and lunch, and tips advice would he appreciated (mixing, flavours, additions etc.)

Hello! Put the water in before the powder, and give everything a gentle swish around before you shake hard.

The reason being, if you put the powder in first it glues itself to the bottom. If you shake hard before swishing, it glues itself to the top.


Refrigerate it for at least 3 hrs before drinking it. It’s nowhere near as nice (in taste or texture) if you drink it as soon as you’ve mixed it.
Overnight is best but 2-3 hrs is adequate :slightly_smiling_face:


Add 100ml plantbased milk for extra creamy texture.

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Add frozen fruits to change it up :green_apple::apple::banana::strawberry::cherries::peach::mango::pineapple::coconut:

Keep your Huel in the fridge for at least 3 hours, the taste and texture will be more enjoyable compared to drinking it straight away.

Thanks for the tips, I will be sure to make it in advance a chill it, and look forward to mixing in a few things to enhance the flavour!

Was thinking about mixing it a NutriBullet as I’ve read that make the texture smoother.

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Just to throw another spanner in the works - unlike most people I don’t like my Huel cold at all. I find it best at room temperature and you may too, so don’t write it off completely just yet :slight_smile:

I also find if I use a blender there is no need to wait to let it thicken and homogenise, it’s pretty much good to go in immediately.

Of course your mileage may very so have fun experimenting!


Alternatively crushed ice, which is a better alternative to cubed ice :slight_smile:

You can add frozen berries to the powder and blend in a electric npblender.

Experiment with different densities. I started with 100g Huel to 500ml water but found that I prefer 100g to 350-400ml.


I make mine up the night before using a blender and refrigerate - I have it for breakfast and lunch at work.

Currently I’m using V3 with the new 50 ml scoop - 2 scoops to 400ml of water.

Hello and welcome to the Huel Forum! Great to see the warm welcome you’ve received. Some awesome tips in this thread already. Do you like coffee, a fave for me is a teaspoon of instant coffee. On occasion if I’ve had left over coffee in my cafetiere I’ve chilled it and used that as the liquid to mix Huel with :coffee: :baby_bottle: :exploding_head:

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Well I made my first couple of Huel meals last night, and followed most peoples recommendations. Used 100 of plant based milk in the mix. This morning I had the chocolate and that was good, have the vanilla for later on.

Thanks for all the helpful hints and tips!

Here’s to an exciting journey with Huel!


Well my thoughts so far …

Chocolate Huel - will not have this one again very unpleasant taste in my opinion.

Vanilla - love this have tried several different mixes at the moment and even had it plain. So vanilla is the clear winner for me!

Thank you for the tips!

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What happened? You liked it last week !

Out of interest which chocolate did you try? Black Edition or v3?
I love black Edition chocolate but didn’t think much of v2.3 chocolate. I’ve not tried v3 yet.

Chocolate was my first experience of Huel, but after trying the vanilla both plain and with added fruits the after taste from the chocolate isn’t working for me. Suppose I had nothing to compare too.

I’m using the v3.0

Don’t get me wrong I’m loving the vanilla, I’ve amended my subscription to vanilla, I know that I’m happy with that.

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Welcome to the party Jewels. I make mine in the nutribullet and it thickens it up nicely!