Huel Consistency

Just got my first Huel, and the flavor is about what I expected. I don’t mind that.

What I do mind is the consistency. I followed the suggested instructions for 3 scoops (about 550ml total of water, 3 ice cubes, blended, add more water, shake). The consistency feels like I’m drinking a watery oatmeal with some sand in it.

Any tips for removing the grittiness? It’s flirting with my gag reflex.

Make it the night before and leave it in the fridge. Chilled Huel is delicious :yum:

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Use a blender - not to advertise but I put mine through a Nutribullet and it’s very smooth

I use a Nutribullet as well, which seems to work.

I use 400-450ml water, 3 scoops + flavour (matcha tea, instant coffee or cacao power), and sometimes top up with another 100-150ml. I find that this makes it thicker, but still drinkable.

I’m too lazy to use ice cubes, so I keep a 2L bottle of water in the fridge and use that.

Ive yet to try making it the night before - think I might try that this evening and see how it comes out - I guess one of the good things about HUEL is that no matter what you do to it, it can nearly always be rescued with a bit more water :slight_smile:

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Hey all,

Thanks for responding, but I’d like to reiterate that flavor isn’t my problem. The texture is. The Huel I created last night felt like I was drink sand in a milkshake. I want to avoid that grittiness in the future.

I also used a Ninja blender. I’m sure that helped, but I was still forcing it down last night.

Flavor is not an issue. I’m an amateur mixologist with a creative mind. I already have about 5 flavor experiments I want to try.

chilling it changes the texture, not just the taste. I have no idea why, but I think some of the bits get softened when soaked for a while, making it smoother. I personally don’t mind the texture of it freshly made but a chilled huel is tastier somehow, and I notice a difference in texture.

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OK, I’ll give that a try

Hi, might also be worth trying different ratios. I personally do 2 scoops to 400ml of fluid. Also, I swap 100ml of water for 100ml of Alpro coconut (milk alternative), which gives it a creamier texture, so I think it’s totally worth the extra 20 calories :wink:

I tried really hard to make it to the recipe but also found it made me gag. I find it much easier to enjoy itt using only enough water to mix it to a sponge cake mix consistency and eat it with a spoon. As I don’t know if there’s an issue not having enough water with it I drink 2 glasses of water straight after. I assume this is ok from a chemistry point of view but is easier to eat than drink. Also the vanilla flavour takes just like cake mix.


I wish I could stomach this method, but eating Huel mush with a spoon was not fun. If I could I would tube feed myself the damn stuff and have a few glasses of water afterwards.

Is it possible to just install a valve to my stomach? :wink:

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I just started using Huel like flour and bake bread muffins.They are super delicious,very quick and simple recipe and I cook for two days in advance:) Have the recipe in my account.Just not sure 100% if is ok to eat it all the time rather then drink it :slight_smile: Also helps me to be sugar free and not add any bread :blush::blush:

Shouldn’t be an issue as you drink the water after. I find huel makes me thirsty, I think it’s the extra fibre in it.

@Bubi11, basically when cooking it, you may end up with slightly less of the vitamins, minerals and other micro-goodies. There’s a bit on the recipes section of the main huel site about it. I’m very tempted to try your recipe. I’d probably experiment with adding a raising agent of some kind- a pinch of baking powder or maybe whisking the egg white separately and folding it in?

@gen, they put tubes direct to the stomach to keep very underweight people alive. The temporary version is very unpleasant- through the nose and into the oesophagus. The long term version is a tube direct to the stomach. So, I think we’d all think you’d be crazy for opting for it, but a crazy private doctor may consider doing it!