Did Huel get thinner or am I crazy?

Hey guys, just wanted to check something… On my 2 last bags of Huel I have been having issues with getting the texture right. Now I always mix it too thin, despite using the same amounts as before. I mix 3 scoops in 450 ml of water, and this used to give a “fruit smoothie on the thinner side” texture, whereas now I get a “room temperature milk” texture. Thicker than water, but still very liquidy which I don’t like.

Am I crazy or has anyone else experienced something similar? :space_invader: Whenever I get my scoops I always tap the scooper to ensure it is properly filled up, and then I run my finger over it to get rid of the excess.

Hopefully they removed the gum arabic.

Just use less water…

I have reduced the water, but I wanted to check in case I have gone crazy
and started hallucinating when I scoop up the powder. :wink:

Do these hallucinations pertain purely to the consistency of your Huel?

As far as I know. :joy:

I wasn’t going to mention it but yes, I have noticed the vanilla seems to be thinner after prep now.

Well then you have all the information required :+1::facepunch::grinning:

Yes, I’ve also noticed that it appears to be thinner.

If other people experience the same event then it’s not classed as a hallucination. Yay.

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A collective Huel induced hallucination perhaps?

I was really just wondering if I was losing out on calories, because it was significantly thinner. I ended up pouring out in total maybe 5 shakes due to being too thin (I thought I had measured incorrectly, but it kept happening), when before it has actually been so thick I gagged.

I have bought a lot of huel recently and my latest order I noticed that it was very thin when I mixed it. I will use less water this time but if it is again very thin I will be sending the rest back. The thick porridge texture was what I enjoyed about it, not a runny watery drink

The formula of Huel has been unchanged for the past 10 months. There may be natural variances in them, but each batch is taste tested by the same individual for consistency, taste etc, and they have not found any difference in the batches.

If you pass along your batch numbers, we’d be happy to investigate further to see if it’s a specific batch that people are experiencing this from, and then recheck the batches for any issues.


I bought roughly 160 pounds worth of samples. I mixed 3 normal huel and 1 vanilla huel. The consistency was way way thinner than what I had the day before. The day before I used a large bag of huel which I purchased probably 6 months prior and finally decided to start using. I’m going to mix 4 samples up again shortly to take to work tonight. Will report back if they are thin again. I really hope not as I’m wanting to see how long I can go full huel mode for lol

Unless several people’s Huel was spiked by the same drug.

I think it’s called mass hysteria. Or maybe more Huesteria.


Reminds me of the dancing plague of 1518, you should look it up if you have not heard of it.

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So you will use less water this time but if you have to use less water next time you will send it all back… huh?!

Obviously I know to use less water, I used 300ml per 100 huel tonight pretty sure last time i used about 500ml. It looked very runny compared to last time. I’ve not tried it yet though and it’s currently sat in the fridge so will find out later.

what’s wrong with gum arabic?

Ok the thickness is the same. It must be the hours spent in the fridge that thickens it up. So I’m happy with that.

However the taste is very different. This is a fact as I still have 2 full bags which I purchased 6 months ago and the taste isn’t similar atall. Admittedly I did mix up 3 normal huel and 1 vanilla huel but it tastes honestly how I’d imagine a drink of cardboard to taste. Just not particularly pleasant, whereas my older huel from the normal sized bags tastes great. Maybe it’s the single vanilla destroying the taste but I doubt it ? I will mix up 4 normal huel tomorrow and find out. Either way I’m ok with it as I’m not overly fussy about taste, just making the point that the taste is veryyyyyy different