Bring back old watery Huel (rant)

I am tired of this artificially thickened goo. It’s like you know Huel could be nice and refreshing, but no, it has to be ruined by CAERRRNAGAN and XANTHAN GUM ARABIC. “Just add more water!” - thanks you see the problem is that I would need to drink 2 litres of liquid just for breakfast and unlike you big boned person I don’t have the stomach of an elephant!

Ooooh there is 3.0 now with SMOOTHER TEXTURE! I am so EXCITED! Now a single scoop is enough for a Buchsteiner of porridge, three will actually solidify and you can cut it up to get HUEL BARS


My Huel is never thick. I use 550ml water per 100g. Can’t relate!

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Yeah I don’t don’t find it thick either. I first tried Huel in 2016 and it wasn’t watery. It had much more watery competitors.

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Sorry but this makes no sense at all.

It’s hyperbole for comic effect :+1: meaning they would have to seriously dilute their Huel to make it nice.

I realise that, David, thanks. Just that Huel is nowhere near as thick as made out. I only use 400ml water to 100g Huel and it’s not a bit like thick porridge. Methinks someone exaggerates.

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Yes the whole post is exaggeration. Has Huel really got significantly thicker over the years? I haven’t noticed if it has.

I think the original version of Huel didn’t emulsify as well as it does now. Perhaps that is the comparison.

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It’s pretty thick compared to a lot of other Maltodextrin based Complete Foods. I don’t think it’s got particularly ‘thicker’ since v1 but the texture has definitely changed.

I usually use 3 scoops and 500ml of water. I prefer a thicker blend. I do however mix about 650ml water and this is less thick and defiantly drinkable. I’ve actually found Black and 3.0 to require less water.

I don’t find it thick either and I’ve had to reduce the amount of water in V3 as well

I kinda like it gloopy personally, feels a bit more like you’ve “eaten” something

I only use 200ml of Alpro almond milk (which makes it thicker due to the gum in it) and 120ml of water to 100g Huel and although it’s quite thick it’s still perfectly drinkable!

Perhaps it depends on the flavour? I’ve only ever had U&U and the move from v1.2 felt a lot thicker. I use about 650-700 per 114g and even then I find it a bit thick. And the gum, for me, adds an oily slick texture which isn’t great.

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Thicker the better for me, I’m afraid.

Yes, I think it’s the best way. For that exact reason.

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The new Huel is not thick, on the contrary, it is too thin even if I use less water. The old Huel had the perfect texture/thickness after staying in the fridge.

Reading this makes me realise that 700ml/175g is quite different from what you guys do…

It was pretty watery in the early days, especially when left overnight in the fridge when it separated really badly. These days it’s bangin’.

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