What consitency do you like your Huel?


I’m still unsure whether I prefer it thick milkshake style which takes longer to drink or thinner.

Just wanted to know what you guys think, like a poll! :smiley:


I prefer it thinner - I don’t like it when I leave it overnight in the fridge as it tends to go too thick and slimy for my tastes, even though that’s what most people recommend! For lunch I do 125g and fill the shaker up to the top.


I prefer it thicker but not really thick- 100ml water and 100g Huel - then I leave it overnight in the fridge


Does anyone think water ratio / thickness affects how filling it is?


I like it reasonably thick. 350ml water/100ml almond milk to 76g Huel. Leave in fridge for a couple of hours or more.


Surely not? :joy::joy::joy::joy:


HAHAHA - cement… 500ml and 100g LOL


I have 2 scoops (approximately 76-80 g) with 100 ml Almond milk (sometimes) and fill the shaker to the 700 ml mark. We’re all so different!


I like it pretty thick. I tend to put 3 scoops into 400ml of water and then just add another tiny splash of water after shaking.


3 Scoops and 400ml of water, then rinse the shaker out with another splash (50mls ish) makes it perfect for me! I use less when flavouring with Matcha for some reason! I just find it makes sense with a little less water!! :yum::thinking:


I like my Huel, like I like my women…thick but sweet.


Well that’s me counted out. I am smart (ish) but scary :scream:


I thought you were going to say that’s because you’re not really a woman


Haha I think I am still a woman :rofl:


You are definitely a woman as a man would be certain :wink:


700ml to 171g if refrigerated overnight or 600ml if not, pretty thick and feels more like food that way :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you sure about that? :laughing:


I knew there was a reason we’ve never got on… :thinking::joy::rofl:


And to answer the question, I’m a right weirdo with my huel, I do 2 mega heaped scoops (prob 3 level scoops worth?) to 500ml koko dairy free milk, 200g tinned cherries & 400ml boiling water with 20-30g raw cacao dissolved into it, all blended & I end up with 2 shakers about 600/700ml each… These go in the fridge for at least 5 hrs, don’t like the taste before this point & even at 3 scoops to over a litre of fluid this sometimes turns out thick like a milkshake… I can’t even imagine only doing 500ml liquid total to 3 scoops, just couldn’t stomach it!

So guess my answer is I like mine very runny but it doesn’t seem runny to me :joy::joy::joy:


I’m 76 grams to 300ml of water.
Left in the fridge overnight.
Much prefer it to be thicker!