What is your water to Huel ratio preference?

Hi all!

I’ve just had my first order arrive today and plan on going 100% Huel for a week starting Monday. For those of you already consuming Huel as a regular part of your diet, roughly how many ml of water are you using, and what sort of consistency is this producing? What’s your favourite way to prepare your Huel?

I plan on consuming the recommended 124g 4 times a day, and more than likely mixing it up with thickness, consistency, added flavours etc. Does anybody have any fun flavour recommendations for me to have a look at during this week?




Hi Matt,

Today is my first day of going 100% Huel (bar the odd meal with friends/fam etc). For my morning shake I put a shot of espresso and that worked well, been feeling awesome this morning:)

Good luck with it dude.


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The bag tells “1 part huel, 5 parts water”, and it is not lying.
I use to put 500ml water + 100g Huel, but since I have problems with the mixer and the hand blender, I reduced to 400ml water + 100g Huel (and I eat other things in the day that gives me water).

I am looking forward your review in this week test =)

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espresso may be something I look into for flavour and a little energy kick, thanks for the idea! :slight_smile:

Hey alfonson!

Thanks for the recommendation, I think I’ll go with 5 to 1 in the blender and take it from there. I’m not too worried about my water consumption, I have it on me at all times, so if I find the mix a little too thin I should hopefully be able to reduce to 4 to 1 with no problems

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200ml + 1 scoop

(For me, at the moment, measuring the powder by weight seems like an excessive level of precision.)

To me, the How to use Huel page seems far from perfect. But when I first tried Huel, the page was even worse. I don’t have kitchen scales, but all it talked about was weights. So I just ended up trying 450ml + 3 scoops.

By about half way through the drink, I was really struggling. I was a bit disappointed that this potentially useful new product wasn’t really suitable for me.

Luckily I tried again with more water. And it made a surprisingly big difference. I now realize I need 200ml per scoop, not 150ml per scoop. With 150ml, I presume something about the thickness of it was causing part of the taste to linger in an unpleasant way. Whereas with 200ml, I actually quite like the drink.

When I was using the sweetened version, my impression was that the thicker I made the drink, the more short term energy boost I received from it and the more full I felt immediately after drinking it.
I have also noticed a big difference between the unsweetened and original versions in terms of general thickness and how they stick to the containers they are in. For some reason, when using the same amount of water and powder by weight you end up with a less thick, less sticky and more fluid drink when using the unsweetened version. You can also notice that it’s a lot easier to clean the bottle/blender blades after making a shake of the unsweetened/unflavoured version. Most likely this is due to the vanilla flavouring.

I find 500ml plus three level scoops is about right after it’s been in the fridge for a while, though could go a little more watery. four scoops plus fridge is definitely overboard - I thought I was going to have to start chewing!


All my Huel meals are 100g (weighed accurately) and approx 500ml of water. The water is just poured in till it looks about right. I only have the Vanilla version. I’ve been on it for 3.5wks and have only ever added an additional ingredient twice; strawberries and (separately) banana. I like the taste of it without additives and obviously it doesn’t require any additional nutrition so the basic flavour is fine. If I just shake, it has a nice ‘bittier’ consistency. If I blend, it is way smoother and seems ‘thinner’. I use chilled, filtered water from the fridge and sometimes add ice cubes too. Occasionally I make one in advance and leave it in the fridge which always results in a slightly thicker shake.

I mix 400 ml of water plus 100 ml of almond milk* with three scoops of vanilla. The reason I do not use 570ml in total simply is that the cup is not big enough for that plus three scoops in my opinion. The reason why I blend almond milk in is that I like huel a little bit thicker. It also keeps away the hunger for a little longer.

I like Provamel almond milk because it has a high amount of almonds (7%) and no guar flour.

100g Huel to 450ml water works for me blended

That works for me too - although I normally use 300 water and 150 almond milk.

three scoops vanilla, 600ml water and 1tbsp of cocoa powder makes a decent first huel of the day for me :slight_smile:

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I go for the recommended 5 parts water, 1 part Huel with vanilla flavoured Huel. Note, the three varying ways I’ve tried making this up are, just normal room temperature water mixed with the Huel, room temperature water with Huel left in the fridge overnight, and putting in ice cold water into the Huel mix and drinking straight away, the latter is my personal favourite.

The fridge method gives the “thickest” version, even though you’ve used the same amount of water, the Huel is definitely thicker and gives you a more “meal” like consistency. Having it with ice-cold water is my favourite. It actually seems to alter the taste somehow, it’s just liquidy enough and I love the bits in it.

TL:DR Ice cold water mix and drink straight away for maximum taste, leave overnight in fridge for maximum thickness (with same amount of water).

150 water, 150 whole milk to 2 scoops of huel. I can’t handle any more volume or thickness.

Since I started I’ve been eating 3 “meals” per day of huel. Each meal consists of a 500ml shake with 3 scoops and a second 500ml with just 2.

Drinking a litre of water per meal may sound excessive to some but I drink over a gallon of water per day anyway, plus that much liquid fills me up and keeps hunger at bay.

I’m a pretty big bloke and moving from a 3000 plus calorie diet of crap to a ~2300 huel one so defeating hunger is definitely very important. It seems to be working pretty well so far.


400 ml water and 2 scoops works best for me. Occasionally add a banana - makes slightly creamier

400-450ml to 3 scoops

Huel U&U v1.1: 165g powder + 600 ml water.