Begginner to Huel - Advice please

Hi all!

I’ve just received my first order of Huel (berry & coffee) and am eager to get started on my weight loss journey.
I see that the instructions for mixing Huel is 570ml to 100g, for a meal replacement.

I would like to know (and because I am really terrible with maths) how I should mix for snacks?
The guide says 1 scoop for a small snack, but how much water?
And 2 scoops for a larger snack, and how much water?

I would be really grateful for some advice please :blush:

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The standard ratio is around 1:5, so you take the Huel weight and multiply per 5. 100gr of Huel, 500ml.
Then you can find your personalized ratio, usually is different: for example many like me do as you stated, around 550/ 600 ml of water for 100gr. Others do less, like only 400ml.
But to establish a baseline I’d try the standard, and then see if you want it more thick or fluid.

1 scoop is around 38gr if I’m not wrong, so it’s around 190ml of water per scoop.

Always add most or all of the water first, then Huel, and then the rest eventually, or you’ll get big lumps. :slight_smile:

Thanks very much!

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It also depends on personal taste. A lot of people seem to like it thinner, with more water. Personally, I like the feel of EATING, and drinking all of my meals wasn’t satisfying me at a visceral level, so I mix in a smaller amount, leaving me with a consistency similar to oatmeal and satisfying my need to feel like I’m eating.

Similarly, a lot of folks seem to really like the taste/texture better if they mix it ahead of time and let it sit in the refrigerator for a few hours or overnight. I really don’t like that at all (probably a difference between thin and thick).

Flavoring will also be personal taste. I’ve played around and have come to some conclusions as to what works for me and what doesn’t.

Basically, there’s no “rule”, there are guidelines, and you can deviate as you choose, so basically, you’ll use it for a few weeks and then you’ll figure out what you like and will start mixing it they way you like.

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I think I agree with you about actually eating, rather than drinking meals. I’ll experiment and see how I go.

What are people’s favourite flavours? I’ve only tried the original vanilla so far. It’s ok but not brilliant taste wise.

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Hiya, I love the choc mint flavouring and banana flavouring in the vanilla and I add cinnamon to the coffee huel. Huel blended with frozen fruit is amazing too. I agree with @Liam1965 you need to play around with the texture till youre happy with it. The Huel granola is amazing too!

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Will try this, thanks!

I got my huel on Tuesday so not a veteran by any means but I’ve found that having it ice cold is a must to make it pleasant tasting… Also agree with those who say leaving in the fridge for a few hours/overnight helps with the taste, it’s nice blended with ice too.

My favourite way to have huel so far has been made with alpro coconut milk & a spoon of nutella, fresh raspberries & honey was very nice too… Adding fruit might be difficult if you don’t have access to a blender though.

There’s a massive thread on here, What do you mix with your Huel? that I found really great for inspiration of different flavours & stuff you can add. But don’t give up on it as a drink til you’ve tried it with chocolate! You could use hot choc powder or milkshake syrup… Making it with milk as opposed to water is much more tasty too.

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I will definitely be trying out lots of different recipes! I have started to read through the other threads :blush: I was just a little confused at first with measurements.

Yeah the measurements can be tricky with scoops vs. weights etc… & I think you definitely need to play around til you find the right consistency, I found the recommended 3 scoops to 500-600ml fluid is way too thick for me & I didn’t enjoy it at all, but 1.5 scoops to that amount of liquid is perfect for me & with my own flavourings I’m really enjoying it just a few day in…

Edited this post because I’ve just realised when i replied to your thread, I thought I was replying to someone else’s & got a bit mixed up!! What an idiot I am… should not post to forums late at night! :joy::joy:

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It does depend what else you put in it, to be honest. I’ve started doing the following with mine sometimes:

75g (roughly 2 scoops) Huel
1 chopped carrot
50g frozen chopped kale (I’m not one of these “kale is a superfood!” people, but it’s still good to get something green in you, and frozen is cheap and very handy)
~ 600ml of water

I can’t speak for the coffee flavour, but I imagine this would go fine with Berry - I have it with Vanilla. Carrot & Kale flavours don’t come through particularly strong at all, and they go fairly well with the sweet flavour.

The reason I go for this shake is that it makes a smaller amount of Huel much more filling because you’re adding a substantial amount of food to it, but you’re not adding a huge number of calories - 40 or 50 at the most. You can also use more water because you’re adding more solid food into the Huel thus making it thicker - although you really need a blender of some sort (I use a hand blender) for this to work

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