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Hi there , new user here, my delivery should have turned up today but will now be tommorow but a quick question if you’re be so kind , I’m looking to have huel breakfast and lunch each day , firstly would you recommend replacing just one meal at first and secondly should I start on two scoops or go for three from the start . Thx

It really depnds on you!

Are you looking to gain/maintain or lose on Huel?

Which are the meals that you are not eating the best?

I am looking to lose, then maintain.

So for me, I replace breakfast, as I’m not normally that hungry, so I have 2 1xscoop pots from about 0800-1000. If I’m still feeling peckish, I have a further 1xscoop pot.

For Lunch, I tend to have a 2xscoop pot. and then later, I’m on a 1x scoop pot before looking forward to a healthy dinner!

So 6 scoops at 200 cals each (assuming 50g as I press the huel in) is 1200 cals, leaving me 820 for dinner.

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Two meals a day will be fine if you’re mixing it up with your usual diet in the evenings. I always make my shakes with two scoops just because it’s easy for me to make as many or as few shakes as I want throughout the day at work, and two scoops mixes better IMO (3 scoop shakes can sometimes turn out lumpier just because the shaker bottle is too full and there’s not enough room for mixing)

Thank you both for your reply , initially looking to loose some weight , reading your replies two scoops seems to be a good option then.

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Try with 2 scoops, try 2 x 1 scoop. For me it’s about not being hungry, which eating a smaller amount more often meant I never felt hungry. For you, it might be different. Don’t forget to try blending in fruit or drop in a small (hot to dilute the granules if instant) coffee for making it more palatable. It’s nearly a latte if you close your taste buds a little…

Will do and thanks again

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Just as important as the quantity, is the amount of water you use. If you want a thicker mixture, go for around 350ml-400ml per 100g. For thinner, I wouldn’t go any higher than 700ml of water. Personally, I prefer a really thick Huel shake of around 350ml water :muscle:

So tried huel for the first time today , just for breakfast and really enjoyed it , will make it slightly thicker tommorow and see how it goes.

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