New to huel ... a bit confused

Hey everyone

so i ordered the 100g of Huel and im confused how much water i should use and how much Huel

anyone help

thanks suki

There is no right answer to this question. The amount of water will not change the nutritional content.

Personally, I add about 2 times as much water as powder (by volume). Try starting with 50:50 powder:water, drink, then add some more water and try it again. Find out how you like it best.

the recommendation is 500mL water per 100g powder. I tend to use a little more than that since I like it on the thinner side.

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I would start at 500ml of water per 100g, shake then taste, if too thick add a bit more water via the spout.

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I ordered that too and I added 500ml to 100g of Huel

Again 500 ml of water in first, then add Huel then blending is preferred for a smoother taste and a few hours in the fridge.

I’m sure the original poster has now drank his lol. But for anyone else looking in the future, I tend to like it a bit thicker so go for 400ml of water and 100g.

(this is different that previous versions, I’ve found I’ve had to reduce the water going from v1 to v1.2 to v2, though as people have reported that different bags/batches seem to have a touch of inconsistency, this could just be with this batch).

And I would also point out that it tends to thicken up over time. I usually try and make mine the night before for my breakfast huel, or first thing before i leave the house for my lunch one (and throw a couple of ice cubes in to keep it cool till lunch). The mixture seems to absorb some of the water and thicken up over that period, and get to just the consistency I find best.

So yeah I wouldn’t go with 500ml of water straight away, you can always add more but cant take it away again. I’d start with 400ml and once shaken leave it for a couple of hours. Then when you drink, you can add a little more as needed to find what works best for you.