How much water goes into your typical HUEL shake?

I most often make HUEL with…

  • Less than 500ml of water
  • Exactly 500ml of water
  • More than 500ml of water

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2 Scoops = 500ml
1 Scoop = 300ml + a banana

250ml water and 250ml coconut milk (or similar) for me

400ml water with 90g Huel Black for me

500ml of water in total…

My process:

  1. 400ml of water + 2 scoops of Huel.
  2. Shake for a couple of minutes (gentle to start with or powder gets stuck in the spout).
  3. Once it’s become a thick paste with no visible lumps, I add 100ml more water (taking it up to the 550ml line)
  4. Give it a shake to mix it up with the extra water.

After almost 4 years of Huel I’ve found this to be the best method for me, as it gets rid of all the lumps without excessive shaking. This works because the initial 400ml (instead of 500ml) gives more room for the Huel to move around and break the lumps up against the grid.

100ml Barista Oatmilk, 300ml Water, Ice and a blast in the Nutri-Ninja.

I typically use a total of 400ml liquid when I’m making a smoothie (broken down below)
Or when I’m on-the-go I’ll use 500ml - 600ml of water in my shake🌱

200ml - filtered water
150ml - plant-based mylk ~ I tend to go through a cycle so, I don’t favour one over the other!
50ml - Double Espresso

To my smoothie I’ll also add soya yoghurt and sometimes frozen fruit and/or a handful of crumbled ice too, which of course changes the overall water content. In any case this combo achieves the right level of thiccness for me👌🏻

130gr of huel and 650ml of water aprox

400ml + 2 scoops, normal, at work, shaker cup breakfast.
In blender, 100g Iceland frozen mixed berries or banana & strawberry smoothie mix, 250ml water + 1 scoop chocolate powder = really good weekend breakfast

It depends, if I’m just doing a straight huel shake it’s normally 400ml and 2 scoops.

If I’m doing a blended smoothie I usually do it for me and my partner together and it is:

  • 4x scoops of huel
  • 500ml water
  • 2x bananas
  • 1x heaped teaspoon of peanut butter
  • 1x handful of frozen mixed berrys

I guess I’m in the minority then :).
I really thought the majority of users would make bigger than the “recommended” serving size, which is is 500ml + powder. I almost always do around 750ml + powder shakes (~600 kcal).

Live and learn.

But at least we learned that the single fill line at 500ml serves only ~18% of the people who responded here. I’m of course talking in context of the new shaker.

I use the 500 ml reference but after shaking I add more water

I use milk…

I fill an old rtd bottle (measures roughly 500ml) with water then add to blender then add 75g coffee white version + banana and more decaf coffee as I prefer a much thinner shake. :banana::banana::coffee:

200 ml of almond milk and 150 ml of water for me so a total of 350ml.

I like it to be quite thick so leave overnight in the fridge also. This works perfectly with the strawberries and cream black as it is a little thicker than other flavours. Also has the added bonus that it tastes superb!

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I’m really not precise when I make it. 2 scoops and 400ml. I’m going to get the new bottle for sure and just go a little below the fill line. That’s what I do with h&s, you just learn where feels best.

I use 400ml milk with two slightly underfilled scoops.

I start with 500ml water and add my 100g to it.
Shake it up quite vigourously, then pour more water into the (old) Huel shaker through the spout until its sitting just below the rim of the bottom part. Shake again and then fridge overnight.
Nothing fancy, and helps me get more liquids which is something I’m quite bad at!

For me it all depends, mostly below 500ml.

If I’m having my shake there and then, I’ll pop 100ml water in then I’ll add up to 400ml - 450ml. Sometimes after I’ve drunk it, I’ll add 150ml plant-based milk and shake it like no other! Kinda creates this milkshake texture to it/the milk bubbles up a little.

If I’m leaving it to chill overnight however, I’ll add 500ml then top it up until it’s full! Right consistency level then.

Since I busted my knee so haven’t been able to go running (or walk further than 5km at a time) for the last month I’ve reduced the amount of Huel I have as a morning shake to one scoop with 600ml of water.

If I were still running I’d be using 2 scoops of powder to 750ml water per shake.