Bottle Size Question

Hey everyone, I’m new here. Haven’t gotten my first order yet but I’m excited. I do have a question though.

Huel recommends a mixture of 5:1 water:huel with a 1 cup serving. This means one Huel meal is almost a liter and a half, but the shaker bottle isn’t even half that. Even the big blender bottles don’t come anywhere close. And it recommends 4 meals a day. So where are people getting these 2 liter shaker bottles and how are the enthusiasts downing nearly 3 of them a day!? That’s like 9x the size of the human stomach.

I bike to work and was excited to use Huel as a way to avoid ordering takeout for lunch every day as I don’t have room on my bike to transport a sack lunch. But I don’t have room on my bike to transport a 2 liter bottle either. What am I missing?

Ignore the five to one thing. Elsewhere I have read about adding three scoops of Huel to the provided shaker bottle.

What I do is fill the Huel shaker bottle with 400ml water, put three and a bit scoops of Huel in on top, stir it with a knife or spoon or something and add some more water on top, shake it a bit, put it in a blender and blend it. Then chill it in the fridge for a couple of hours. It’s pretty thick after that, but I like it!

Thank you. That helps immensely. I have some large blender bottles from using protein powders, so when I get my Huel on Monday my first trial will be 1 cup Huel in my largest Blender Bottle refrigerated over night. Good to know that won’t result in a mostly dry substance.

You’re welcome, good luck with starting on Monday. I recommend having some cocoa powder on hand to add to it, in case you don’t like the taste especially!

5:1 is a suggested ratio of water to huel by weight. HTH

Ooooooh. So that’s 2.68:1 by volume. So about 28 oz, or one large Blender Bottle, once dissolved. Fantastic.

500ml of water + 100g of Huel

100g of Huel is 2.5 scoops. The scoop that Huel provides in your first order.