500 calories of Huel doesn't fit in shaker

The bag says 1 serving is 500 calories.
I have been using 3 scoops for 450 calories, as each scoop is 150 calories each.
each scoop is 70 ml according to the scoop handle that says 70 ml. (70x3 scoops=210)
210ml X 5 parts water = 1,050ml water.
That’s 2 bottles of water.
500 ml each to make 1000 ml.
This fills up a tad more than 2 huel shakers.

How are people doing 500 calories mixing it 5 parts water to 1 part huel for a shake?
That would make like 2.5 shakers full of huel.
What am I not understanding here?

Don’t go by volume, go by weight!

3 scoops are about 3x38g huel = 114g
Use 5x114g water for it = 570g aka 570 ml.


It’s confusing because they say it’s 5 parts water to 1 part huel.
But it is not 1 scoop, 5 scoops water…
So it’s 5 parts water to 1 part huel in weight, I think they should make that more clear, because on the bag it just says 1 part huel 5 parts water. I would never think this meant weight.

Ok so I’ve been doing it wrong, and been making it half as weak as it should be I guess?
It’s tasted fine to me! I add fruit or chocolate cashew milk.
I’m wanting to lose weight so I’ll probably just keep doing it the way I have been.
It seems like that much more huel would be way too thick.

Of course you can use it any way you like. The 1:5 is just a suggestion.

I think I’ll stick with making it this way, thank you for clearing this up for me :grinning:

Really sorry for the confusing and thank you @flamme for clarifying. The information in the booklet is correct but the packaging still uses the 5:1 ratio copy. Sorry for this, I’m chasing the team to get this updated ASAP to avoid future confusions on this matter.

1g = 1ml of water is the reasoning for this, granted slightly confusing, instruction.

What I do is to weigh the Huel and add it to about 350ml water, fruit and water mix, or soya milk and water mix, blend it and then dilute it further depending on how liquid I feel like having it… Added benefit, I use the extra water to rinse out the blender before adding it to the Huel

good idea!

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If it’s any help, I made exacly the same assumption as it’s not clear in the booklet and I think they are re-writing as we’re not the only ones.

Once you get past the initial stage it’s more about how you like it than any ratio as the 5:1 is only a guide. I prefer mine with more water, as they fill me up more, as I’m using it to lose then maintain.

Depending on your goal you may want thinker/thinner than 5:1.

Hope that help!