400calories serving

Hello, I ordered 2 huel packs but missed the scoop box.

Simple question,
Could anyone messure out 400 calories and/or 500 calories worth in the huel shaker for me and send a picture so i can use that as a refference?

Would realy apriciate this as im now only winging it, but realy want to be precis as i need to lose weight.
Kind regards!

Hi Robin. The only proper way to keep track of calories is to weigh your Huel powder on digital kitchen scales. Put chosen amount of liquid into shaker, place on scales and zero. Then add amount of Huel powder you want (100g is around 400kcal).

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Yes i know that but i don’t own any scale, which is why im asking if anyone next time they make a huel shake, could tell me up to what milliliter on the shaker it goes up to! Thanks for your answer though!

Don’t do this, because you should always put water in the shaker first. Otherwise it turns into lumpy cement.

Email Huel and ask them for a scoop. You should have it in a day or two.

Okay people tend to answer with things i have not asked. I understand that i can email them. But i want to take my huel today, tomorrow and the weekend, also the next couple days in next week. To ask them for a scoop will take some time for it to get to me.
So again, could anyone please measure up in the huel scoop to what milliliter mark it goes up to when adding 400 or 500 calories? I know its not scientific, i know its not bla bla bla. But it is what im asking for.
Thanks and kindest regards!

Here you go. Here is 400calories (100g) worth. Goes up to 200ml point, this is just tipped in not compacted.


Thank you so so extreamily much for this. Realy apriciate it.
When doing my doses before this i added up to around 170ml and though that was 500 calories. Might explain why i have felt slight hunger haha! Thanks again!


Yes I only did 400 cals, as that’s what I use for my own consumption…so while not 100% accurate it’s a good ballpark figure until your scoop arrives. But as someone mentioned above, would be worth tipping it out again, pouring in the liquid, then adding the powder.

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lovely thank you so much! For 400calories aswell?

I just checked my “100 gr” that I normally put without weighing it and it reached 250 ml. I will measure it now with the scale

Okay, it seems that I normally have 130gr servings, which I really prefer. I didnt know it.


That was 100g measured with an electronic scale.

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haha well see, that helped you aswell! Cheers

Just make sure you tip it out again before making the Huel. Always put water first, then the powder, otherwise it WILL NOT mix.


Yes haha… No hay mal que por bien no venga

I just checked my Huel proportions list and 100gr is a weird measure because the scoops are 38 gr each, so a normal meal with 3 scoops would be 114gr (460kcal).

But customise it as you want

Once again @hunzas gives the only helpful answer in the thread :wink::laughing:


Only a couple of weeks ago @Tim_Huel commented on my helpful answer in a thread. Again I think it was the only helpful one in that thread too. I help when I can.


@hunzas That’s what I said :wink:


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There there Hunzas. Sticks and stones. You help many people.

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Thanks Tim. I had just run out of tears and now I am welling up again. Did you have a nice holiday?