Portion sizes

I see so much chat online about how much Huel you need/want/get in a scoop, that surely a bit of info on the scoop would be helpful.

I just took delivery of the new Huel black product. There is a new scoop that goes with it. It is clearly bigger than the old scoop. The info I have, after mining through the website for a while, is that 90g portion of Huel black = 400Kcal.

Now, grams to visual volume is not that intuitive. So I weighed it out - the new scoop seems to hold about half that.

Would it not make everyone’s lives simpler to print the basic info on the scoop. In nice clear black Helvetica Bold font, as big as you can make it fit, “1 scoop = 45g / 200Kcal”

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That information is on the bag label. The downside of printing in on the scoop is, you would reuse that scoop for other things (including other varieties of Huel) where that information doesn’t apply.

I haven’t seen the label for Black, but White is very clear.


I rarely rely on the scoop to work out how much Huel is in there, I always weigh using a grams scale. The variations in amount dependening upon how you scoop - loose v firm - can make quite a difference to your end-of-day calorie intake, unless it’s a Friday. Social media tells me regularly that calories don’t count on a Friday.


Thanks for that - it is good to know. At some point in the past I have started to read the stuff on the back of the pack, but there is a lot of it and it goes into a lot of detail that is lost on me. My brain clearly filed it away as small print and assorted legal guff. I have long since stopped looking at or seeing the relevant info.

I still think having the info on the thing you are using to measure out the stuff at the time you are doing it, would be easier. I will use a marker pen, and hope that it doesn’t rub off.

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I agree, it wouldn’t hurt. But I echo @JJMC’s suggestion that using a scale is better. If you don’t have one, they’re very cheap, and it only takes a couple of seconds longer to make a shake. Water in, put on scale, zero, add powder, lid on and shake. You don’t even need a scoop, you can use any concave object you have to hand.


A lengthy coffee scoop is my go-to for the bottom of the bag to prevent ‘Huel Sleeve’.


Two Scoops a 400cal meal is easy enough to remember tho, isn’t it?

Fake news. I tried using a colander and it wasn’t at all effective.


Huel Black same as v3.0.