Scoops sizes and calories

I’ve been using Huel 2.3 for a few years now and my scoops sizes were always 38g, so 3 was supposed to be 450/500 calories. Now I see mention of 50g scoops, or two scoops coming to 90g. Can anyone tell me definitively if the scoop size has changed, and how many scoops will equate to how many calories for v3 and Black? Thanks.

V3 has the same amount of calories per 100g as v2.3 had but yeah Huel has a new scoop which would give you 100g/400 calories with 2 scoops of Huel.

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Unless you are using huel black in whiich case you need to use one new scoop, one old scoop and a half teaspoon measuring spoon from the supermarket.

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Or just buy a pocket scale and weigh out your Huel while making it.

I’m the target of endless druggie jokes at work because of measuring my powder. :smiley:


Yep, scales really are the best way. And dust your nostrils with huel powder for added authenticity.

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