Scoop for Huel Black

I’ve been using v3.0 powder for a while now. I’ve just ordered my first bag of black edition. I can see on the bag it refers to lower weight (90g vs 100g) scoops I think? Is there a ‘Huel Black’ scoop which is different to my v3.0 scoop? Thanks!

Nope. One scoop for both.

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Thanks hunzas. So you just end up making a higher calorie drink with Huel black? If you use the standard scoop.

To be honest scoops aren’t accurate anyway so it’s just a few calories here or there which don’t really matter too much. Personally I always weigh my Huel rather than scoop it and it’s a habit I’ve had since I first started using Huel but to answer your question, yes it would overall lead to higher calorie meals.


I always weigh mine too and just treat the scoop as a convenient way of getting powder to shaker. If accuracy isn’t a problem to you then a couple of level-ish scoops is near enough.

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I think Black is lighter than v3.0, so two full scoops are 90g for Black and 100g for v3.0