Huel Black Measurements


This has been niggling away at me, the black edition is meant to be 45g per full scoop however when i weight 2 full scoops on a scale it is 100g as in obviously 50g scoops like the regular version, are my scales crap or am
I crap? :rofl:

Thanking you :smiley:

If you want to be precise then use your scales. Scoops are always a bit hit and miss depending on how you fill them (loosely or compacted). I use the scoops to get powder from bag to shaker, shaker with water in sits on a set of kitchen scales every time.


Yeah i normally blend but i do the 500ml in shaker then put in blending thing and reset and when i do 2 compact scoops levelled off its always 100, so il just stick with what i was doing, thought i was missing something or my scales were fud. Lol

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Yes unfortunately the idea of having a 45g scoop and a 50g scoop would send the fulfilment team into a cold sweat! As Bee says, a scoop is not really 50g, because you can easily pack it in or underfill it. It’s a bit of an estimate and for those that don’t require super precision works fine! But scales are the most accurate way to measure!