Scoop mixup

I’ve been using Huel for several years now and have in the past year had bags of v2.3, v3 and black. I also now have 2 different size scoops (both that came with huel and both are labeled in ml not grams).

I’ve now go them a bit mixed up and am a bit lost of how much I should be using of which version.

These days I only have 2 types (v3, and black) and I have 2x size scoops. One smaller, one larger.

Can anyone let me know how many of which scoops I’m meant to be using with which version?


v3 you need 100g/meal, Black 90g/meal. so the following picture refers only to the v3 - weighting it out on scales is better if your concerned about measurements.

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This is great, thanks for the quick reply. Looks like I’ve been doing it right but wanted to check.