Black Edition, New scoop size, Reduction in amount of powder per bag?

Might bore a few people with all these numbers here, just hoping for some clarification.

Received my first order of Huel Black Edition today which included the new scoop, I noticed on the back of the bag it states that 1 scoop=45g. The online guides however state that 1 scoop=50g.

Is this just a difference in weight between the powders, i.e if I use the scoop with v3.0 it’ll be 50g, or is there a different scoop for each version?

Also the amount of powder per bag appears to have been reduced. Huel v2.3 contains 1750g per bag, meaning 2000 calories a day (500g) requires 3500g - precisely 2 bags a week.

To meet 2000 calories a day (450g) for a week using Black Edition requires 3150g, but at 1530g per bag that’s 90g (or 2 scoops) too short.

Anyone? Cheers!

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The volume / weight of Black and White are not quite the same, hence the 5g difference.
Plus it’s almost impossible to get bang on 45 or 50g per scoop anyway - the measurement has been simplified for ease of use.
If you want it exact, its best to weigh it - the scoop is just an estimate for convenience

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Black is more calorie dense because it’s higher in fat. Not sure if that makes it heavier or lighter by volume though, or if it even makes a difference.

Each pouch of Black Edition and v3.0 contains 7000kcal. Black Edition is more calorie dense, therefore 7000kcal would weigh less.

The increased calorie density explains the difference in serving size for 400kcal (90g for Black and 100g for v3.0)

A scoop is very approximate but I appreciate there is an inconsistency in serving instructions:

image image

We say that 1 scoop = both 45g and 50g. We tried different copy for this like “one heaped scoop” or “one slightly underfilled scoop” - but it got pretty comical! In the end we settled for this.

Would appreciate any suggestions on how to very clearly and in the least characters possible describe it!


Just include a mini scoop that holds 5g. Then instruct Black users to scoop a scoop out of their scoop. Trivial problem, easily solved.

Edit: you could just change the first = symbols to ≈ symbols.

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@Tim_Huel I think this is a good idea

@David I also like the mini scoop idea though :laughing:

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Cool guessed as much on the scoop just wanted to confirm.

As for the bag weights the math still doesn’t seem to check out?

v3.0 Vanilla - 100g 5x per day (2000 calories) for 1 week = 3.5kg

However bag size has been decreased from the required 1.75kg to 1.71kg

Maths was never my strongest subject but pretty sure I’ve got the figures correct:

v3.0 - 100g = 400kcal, so 7000kcal = 1750g

But the bag contains 1710g

Black Edition - 90g = 400kcal, so 7000kcal = 1575g

But the bag contains 1530g

One scoop short isn’t the end of the world, just a bit weary of all these “roundings/for convenience sake/approximations” especially at a time when it appears the price has been increased but the consumer is actually being sold less product than advertised…


I weigh my Huel and in all honesty the scoop often comes out at about 40 grams.

I get that you include the scoop as a measure because you want to promote Huel as easy and convenient (which it is), but I also feel that if you’re taking your health seriously, spending a tenner on some scales (assuming you don’t already have some) and weighing it is much more effective than using the scoop anyway.


Of course there will always be the accuracy vs convenience issue when talking scales or scoops.

More interested in somebody checking my maths and explaining how there is 7000kcal in each bag?

v3.0: 400kcal = 100g, so 7000kcal = 1750g

But the bag contains 1710g

Black Edition: 400kcal = 90g, so 7000kcal = 1575g

But the bag contains 1530g

Again not the end of the world, would just appreciate the transparency.

@Dan_Huel @Tim_Huel

Seems to be so many changes happening what with all the flavour changes, price increases, new versions, bag weights, changes to ingredients, product phase outs, change in scoop size/meal size etc…

I think it can be perceived as hugely alienating to a certain sector of the consumer base.

This is a bit weird. I thought I’d look at it myself.

My bag (Black Edition) states 1.53kg
433 calories per 100g
‘This bag contains approximately 17 servings’
(A serving being 90g)

1530g / 90g = 17 servings

But, in calories
(1530g /100g) x 433 calories = 6624.9kcal
6625kcal/400g = 16.56 servings

So if you do it by grams, there are 17 servings per bag, but yes only 6625 calories per bag.
I think there were 7000 calories in v2.3 bags…

Yep always has been across the range and apparently still is:

Looks like some dodgy maths going on here. Still waiting for a response from an official team member on this.

Not all 2.3 bags have 7000 calories. They’re standardised to 400kcal/100g, but different flavours have different weights i.e. vanilla is 1.75kg (7000 kcal), whereas a banana bag is 1.72kg (6880 kcal). Not that I’m counting…

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Hey guys, thanks for raising this, sorry for the delay.

This is wrong, Black Edition pouches contain 17 servings not 7000kcal per bag. It’s my fault for saying that the pouches contain 7000kcal, sorry for my confusion. For v3.0, technically there is 17.5 servings per pouch, but the site and labels don’t reflect that, they say there is 17.

V2.3 and before - as you know, previously we suggested 500kcal servings. The pouch label reflected that. Each pouch had slightly different weights due to inclusion on non-nutritional ingredients (coffee, flavours, sweetener etc.)
We decided to change the serving suggestion as we found many thought 500kcal was far too big so we reduced it to 400kcal.

We aren’t allowed to put 17.5 servings on the label (and absolutely not allowed to round up to 18!). So currently we’re saying the pouches contain 17 servings but actually v3.0 contains 17.5. This will be changing though to reflect the labels at some point, at which time we will let you know, but between now and then there is a period where your pouches of v3.0 have 17.5 meals instead of 17. Although all the numbers on the site reflect 17 servings per pouch that’s the same with Black too, 17 x 90g servings = 1.53kg.

Hope that makes sense! Sorry again for the delay.


Essentially Huel have lowered the amount of powder per bag whilst increasing the price.

To get around this they changed the suggested serving size from 500kcal to 400kcal and even have the cheek to say that the “price per meal” is now cheaper.

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Have they done that though? They haven’t directly compared the price per meal of v2.3 and v3.0. At least, I haven’t seen it. And it’s difficult to buy v2.3 now, so no one will be looking at the two product pages, trying to decide which is the best value.

Fair enough, it is 17 serving per back for Huel Black, that is clear and definitive.

When purchasing though, we are clearly told we get 34 meals and 14000 Calories,
so I can see why people might feel confused when less than 14000 calories arrives.

Personally, I feel we should all accept that Huel Black is the future - if we aren’t meant to adopt it then why does it appear both when I click to Shop 3.0 and Shop Black?

Sorry it seems like that, we haven’t done that at all. v3.0 still contains 17.5 servings, but in time will just contain 17 servings, we haven’t made that change yet. Black Edition is a totally new product so we haven’t reduced anything.

Sorry our messages overlapped. This is a great spot, thanks for pointing out. I’ve passed this on to be amended.

This is precisely what I’ve been referencing the entire time!

The product page when purchasing states 7000kcal per bag, however the maths doesn’t add up, could not be any simpler - the product has been falsely advertised.

Of course you have. Lowering the serving size from 500kcal to 400kcal automatically reduces the amount of powder required per serving.

From the following article: