Confusing disparity with scoops and sizes and back of pack info- 2.3 and black 1.0

Hey, I know its probably petty but the scoops I’ve recieved have zero relation to the information the powder packets provide.

I’ve been using 2.3 for a while now, the scoop sizes that came with my first order are marked 70ml. the back of the pack wasn’t very clear only giving info for “per 100g” or “per day” and didn’t line up with what an actual scoop contained.

I worked out weighing the 2.3 in the 70 ml scoop gave me 42g per scoop, i’d use 2x scoops (84g) plus 500 ml of water for a 336Kcal shake.

As I’m on my last bag of 2.3 and started working out at the gym, I’ve taken the plunge and swapped my sub over to the new Black edition and my order arrived today with a new bottle and a new scoop.

The new scoop is marked 94ml and holds, according to my scales, 55g of black 1.0 powder.

Now, its great the black 1.0 now has info on the back relating to scoops (the new “how many scoops do I need” section is a great idea for clarity) but the info is wrong, it tells me 1 scoop is 45g when the new scoop is giving me 55g, the old scoops giving me 41g and I don’t understand why this bigger scoop got sent out to confuse matters

if you can wade through it all, there is an extensive topic on black weights and new scoops here

Are you using heaped scoops or level scoops? I still have the old scoops but when i use them i rubb the top against the inside of the bag to level them out.

Never weighed them and cant talk to the new scoops but i basically work on the old scoop being about 150cal per scoop and that seems to have worked solidly for me.

I think the new scoops are around 200cal with white huel but not 100% sure.

Hopefully this is helpful but people might correct me :slight_smile:

I use level scoops, the 70ml old one gives 41g of powder and the newer 94ml one gives 55g of powder

Is this Scoopgate lV or V?

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Thanks for the pointer, I’ll head over for a look.

I’m just confused as to why the info on the back of the pack doesn’t match the equiptment they send out with said pack

Hi @Safari just put Scoopgate into the searchbox and you’ll find several threads on the subject.

honestly - I think one mans level scoop is another mans Berry 2.3 powder. its pretty variable and the powder at room temp is quiet aerated so can be denser i.e. more weight depending on how forcefully you scoop it - as @Bee said - scoopgate, I’ve lost count which number we’re on.

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Only way round this is to treat yourself to a digital kitchen scale and weigh it. I always do.


Thanks for the heads up! I’ve been a user for a few years but this is the first time I’ve felt the need to have to come and join the forums.
Love your profile pic

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I weigh my powder as I add it and have to say, two properly filled (level) ‘new’ scoops is coming out within a few grams of 95g every time.

The scoops are always going to be very approximate. If you’re looking for consistency then use scales. You’ll be please to know the instructions for making Huel v3.0 are much much simpler than that of v2.3.


Of course, you might find that your first scoop is 55g and your second is 45, or anywhere in between.

Hope some of that helps, do let us know if you have any other questions.

I like to cause trouble :wink:
So I’m going to point out that I just received my first order of v3 and received 3 new scoops but they look the same as the old scoops only bigger…
They look nothing like the funky scooped scoops in your picture. (New on left, Old on right)

different angle / perspective on the illustration between the two scoops thats all

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Nope @Phil_C
Both old and new scoops that I have been sent have straight edges.
The new scoop on the diagrams is very obviously tapered ie narrower at the bottom and wide at the top.
I have a scoop like this that came with a protein powder and find it measures slightly more accurately as less air bubbles tend to form in the middle of the powder.
The wider edge scoop tends to make more mess tipping it into the shaker however so pluses and minuses to both.

I’m really not bothered what shape the scoop is, but the difference is not one of perspective. It’s a different scoop than what is shown in the image!

straight edges aren’t straight any more when they are in perspective - thats what it means. the only way you can artificially remove this is using orthographic perspective in 3D rendering when you in effectively defy the laws of physics.

when you look down a long straight road does it stay straight right to the point of the horizon or does it taper off? see new scoop below which is the same straight one you have but now looks more like the picture - depends entirely on the angle, distance and camera lens it was taken with.

You guys crack me up :joy: it’s a plastic scoop, you are over thinking it.
If you want approximate measures throw in two scoops. If you want exact use some scales.


I overthink everything. its my job. mainly because I live in SEA where thinking is not a day to day requirement :laughing:



So how did they manage to achieve the straight edge look for the old scoop then?

My friend who ordered Black Edition and v3 as soon as Black came out received a new scoop that looks identical to the one @Tim_Huel has pictured in his explanation.
I assume they started out with these shape new scoops but have now switched to the straight edge larger new scoops, but not updated their diagrams to represent the new new scoops

by taking a picture of it at a parallel angle and further away. the shape of the elipse on the top clearly indicates that. Basic physics aside, as Jon mentioned, its of no importance in the big scheme of things.