Banana and Salted Caramel Black Edition flavours are here!

We’ve got a couple of treats for you this December!

We’ve added two more flavours to our Black Edition range - a fresh and natural Banana and a smooth Caramel with a pinch of sea salt!

We hope you’re excited! They are live now on the UK site and are rolling out to the other EU sites through today - so if you can’t see them yet then just give us a moment!

The biggest question now is which flavour are you choosing? Vanilla, Chocolate, Unflavoured, Coffee Caramel, Banana or Salted Caramel!

Any questions then fire away!


Glad to see Black Edition getting some love in terms of variety. I can see them on the storefront, but can’t add them to the existing subscription, so I guess it’s still going to be a bit of a wait for me.

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Great news! But Black UU is for me!

I have to say it again: Its very weird to show a 90gr macro label on the web and not showing online the 100gr label as you do as mandatory in EU on each Black bag. The same also applies for H&S.

With 100 grs labels its much easier to make comparisons between products, despite the size per ration is 90gr. wtf huel

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Great news. Happy Christmas :christmas_tree: everyone.

Will there be taster packs? I’d love o try but a whole bag is already a huge commitment. I already have the coffee caramel that I’m struggling to use.

While it is nice to see more flavours in general, is there a reason that the Caramel flavours are only available in the Black Edition? I tried one bag of Coffee Caramel and I liked it but I don’t really like the macro split of Black so I order Coffee flavour in the White edition instead.

I’d love to be able to get either or both Caramel flavours in White edition (I suspect I would love Salted Caramel).

:sob: so many reasons. I’m not saying we definitely have those in the pipeline for v3.0, but if we did launching all flavours on one day is not just very hard technically and operationally, it also doesn’t make sense from a marketing perspective either.

We don’t have taster packs no, but you can add a single pouch to your subscription or next order :slight_smile:

We’ve explained this, we show per serving everywhere and 2000kcal. But on the labels in EU we have to include 100g. We think it makes more sense to use just per serving as this is what most people have.

Would it be helpful though if I made a spreadsheet of the different values per 100g and per serving v3.0 vs Black? Although don’t you have the pouches?

Thanks @Peas glad you’re excited :hugs: Merry Christmas too


That would be useful for comparing products from several manufacturers, as @airiartev says. Having it on the pouch is only useful if you’re standing in a supermarket with competing products in each hand.

There’s no good reason not to have it on the website. It’s not like you’re going to run out of space.


It would be very helpful. Yes I have it on the bags, but I don’t have all the different bags.

For example, I have Black UU, but I dont have Black Vainilla and the macros are different.

Adding the already in use 100gr macro label to web would make much easier to compare to other products. The only way I have to find the 100 gr label is by buying it or try to find the label online, which is a pain in th…

Also, in order to adjust a diet food in general, having the 100gr label makes everything much easier.


So much, yes. The per-portion figure is useless to me as I have larger portions, and the per-2000kcal figure is useless because I don’t eat 2000kcals of a single product per day. Per 100g makes calculations very easy.

Per portion makes far more sense on products like bars and RTD where people almost always eat the entire thing at once. For powders, we can make (literally) granular adjustments to portion size, and many of us do.


I find useful to add the per ration macro as it has been developed with a 90gr for 400kcal.

But adding the 100 gr is very important for Black and H&S. This is what consumers use to compare any product.

Also the figure of 2000kcal is interesting but I dont care about it, havent ever checked

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woohoo! Banana? here we go! And in Black? You are really spoiling me/us.

#TeamBanana :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

PS: Yeah, let’s add a bag of caramel too :slight_smile:

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Once again Huel being open and honest! I salute you!

I also cannot wait to taste caramel with a pinch of salt! Ooommmm

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Salted Caramel and banana. Christmas has come early.

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You have bananas for Christmas? Beats a lump of coal I suppose.


To be truthful I am having a vegan Camembert cheese from Sainsbury. It’s what they replaced my chocolate Huel RTD with when they had no stock. Same price too. £3.50

I’ll eat it while watching Bill Bailey win Strickly…and then go out carol singing with some fellow vegans

“No whey in our manger…”


I’m trying to decide what to get for Christmas dinner. We’re having a sad empty house (Boris can shove his bubbles up his arse) and my dad is the only meat eater, so he’ll have to make do with a chicken leg or something.

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Have a Huel with a sprig of Holly and a dash of Bill Bailey’s.

It is really amazing how much you invest in new products, you are a really innovative company.

The only bad thing now is brexit and its consequences…I hope your business won’t be affected too bad by it…on the other hand there is not much that a single company can do, it mainly depends on politics and trade agreements…

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Don’t over estimate the effect that Brexit is going to have. I’m a solid remainer and wish that we were not going to leave the EU but it is done and so we are stuck with it.

However it is not an horrendous disaster. Even if we don’t get any trade agreement it will all be ok.

The biggest concern is really around our financial services industry, but again, that will eventually sort itself out.