Banana and Salted Caramel Black Edition flavours are here!

Only because not getting an agreement is definitely temporary. The consequences of not having an agreement with the countries that entirely surround us are so severe that we will definitely sort it out before too long. But it will be worse than we had before, and won’t happen until the wazzocks in charge stop playing to the Little Englanders.


I think we have an accord in our opinions here @David

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Hear hear! A round of applause of appreciation for this guy:

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I expect prices to go up if there will be no good trade agreement.

Of course in general this is outweighed by other concerns, but nevertheless I would be unhappy Huel became even more expensive…then I would have to change my plans regarding nutrition…

Salted caramel black is delicious!

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Haha that photo is so niche! For anyone wondering it’s taken from this YouTube video at 00:45 seconds

That is great to hear! Was it what you were expecting?

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Hmm. (When I add one banana/SC it updates both, and it seems like the subscription ended up fine, but it’s still a bit messed up).

I would say yes! However now thinking about it some more. I think it, for me, is so much tastier than chocolate.

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I have tried BE banana for a couple of days and I really like it! The taste is really subtle, natural and not too sweet. Love it, will definitely order again in the future. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
BE berry flavour in 2021, Tim?!


Here we go!! Love that suggestion, I can definitely see that working! Keep your eyes peeled. I’ll pass this on to the suits upstairs :laughing:!

But so pleased you’re loving BE :banana:, I am too!


Just tried Black Banana and it’s my favourite so far! Will try salted caramel to tomorrow :drooling_face:


Salted Caramel gets a firm thumbs up too!


I have BE banana and salted caramel arriving at weekend. So looking forward to trying them!

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Can anyone who tried them answer, how are these two compared to a Black Vanilla mixed with their flavour boost counterparts? Different/similar/exactly the same?
I find salted caramel FB too salted but liked the old caramel (RIP), so should I skip this if I don’t like the current FB?

All black edition flavours contain 1,1 g (1100mg) sodium per serving and the flavour boost 24,8mg, while regular Huel contains 0,7g (700mg) of sodium per serving.
Taste is a complex phenomenon, though, so the net sodium content may not be the whole story. And different people have a different taste - what one might not find salty at all might feel too salty for someone else, so you will have to try yourself.

If you want to find a flavour addition withouth the “salty” or “salted” prefix flavour drops might be a good option for you. They are just sweet, and you need only about 2 droplets per serving. Mostly they are sucralose-based, but there are also steviol-based ones like “Sweet Drops”. “MyProtein” also offers so called “Flavdrops”.

Hope this helps a bit.

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Loving the Banana BE. Nice strong banana flavour reminiscent of the old banana fb or what I remember of it. Salted Caramel BE really nice too. Only had a quick taste of that before putting in the fridge for breakfast. Quite a bit sweeter and very similar to the salted caramel fb.
Good strong tastes both of them. Definite thumbs up from me :+1:

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No, that’s not quite right.

Salt (g) per serving of Huel product:

Black Edition
Vanilla = 0.84g
Chocolate = 1.0g
Coffee Caramel = 1.0g
Banana = 0.98g
Salted Caramel = 1.1g
UU = 1.1g

Vanilla = 0.71g
Chocolate = 0.82g
Coffee = 0.91g
Berry = 0.71g
Mint Chocolate = 0.71g
Banana = 0.71g
Original = 0.72g
UU = 0.71g

Salted Caramel Flavour Boost

If you’re interested in the sodium content then just change the website country to the US.

At the German page it says it is 24.8mg of sodium in the FB. But it sounded a bit funny, anyway, so good that you corrected it., thanks.

The differences between the individual flavours don’t seem to be as large as between black and regular edition. If someone wants to keep the sodium content as low as possible combining regular edition with flavour drops maybe would be best.

According to the German nutritional society 1.5g sodium per day are enough, so about 1g per serving seems to be much. On the other hand you don’t add salt to the ingredients, so I do not really see where this comes from.

Yes thanks for pointing that out, we’ve corrected that on site.

Ish, you’ll need a bit more if you’re regularly exercising. Also that’s a bare minimum, so having more is fine.

99% of the sodium in (most) Huel flavours is provided from the food ingredients. There is a tiny amount in our micronutrient blend which is there to help the stability of some of the other minerals.

How much I still have to learn. I love all recipes with banana and am always trying to find something new. Thanks for this, I’ll have to try it. Also, the salted caramel sounds great.