Banana flavour (black) <3

I’ve just bought the banana black huel and omg it is so yummy! I was unsure if i should go for chocolate but the banana has not let me down. It might not be for everyone (my bf hates banana flavoured things) but I’m a big fan. New favourite. I was worried it would be too sweet or artificial but its all good :slight_smile:


pleased to hear this, i’ve just ordered black edition vanilla and salted caramel esterday so had my fingers crossed it was going to taste decent…

Couldn’t agree more! It’s like proper blended banana in your Huel :banana: Salted Caramel is my current obsession, I don’t have enough room for too many open pouches in my kitchen! But I think you’ll love it @bingledee

I still absolutely love BE banana and salted caramel flavours :yum: