Banana is the BEST


Don’t even try and change my mind! Had the banana flavour shot this morning and is BY FAR the best out of the sample set of 10.

Also, mint Choc is pretty good, but banana reigns supreme…

Dicuss at leisure…


@sllewnomis what powder did you use out of interest? (new vanilla / original / unflavoured)
I was disappointed with the banana sachet I tried, but have one more to trial - I’m wondering what flavour powder it works best with. I think I tried it in a 50/50 mix of unflavoured and new vanilla last time



I have the vanilla v2.3.

Plus I must also state that I had 3 scoops with 600ml skimmed milk instead of water, which I know is more calories if one is counting calories, but to me, its tastes so so much better and easier to drink.


ah ok, thanks - I can see how its probably nicer with milk, that makes sense. I don’t do cows milk however and my usual substitute is alpro coconut which i cant imagine working with banana lol although you never know! I’m thinking its the creaminess of the cows milk that makes the banana shot really nice though - so maybe I will try making it with hemp milk or oat milk as that is creamier… it’s worth a try - I really love banana flavour, so I was disappointed to not find banana huel that impressive


@hunzas I know you also loved the banana - what did you mix it with? I’m guessing you did your usual 50/50 unflavoured / vanilla plus 50/50 water and oat milk??


My wife drinks a lot of almond milk, as well as cows milk occasionally, maybe that’s worth a try too?


One does not simply claim banana to be better than mint-chocolate and get away with it /throws shoe at op


True, one claims that banana is the best because this one speaks the truth! :joy:


Nah not keen on banana shakes, used to like banana sandwiches and banana in custard if that counts :yum:


:joy::joy: So do I!


I’ve been scared to try it! I usually love banana but what iF ITS BAD!? >_> It’s one of the few flavor sachets waiting for me in my cupboard. Schrödinger’s flavour boost…


I guess you’ll never know until you try it! But I think it’s great. But as I stated earlier in the thread, I use skimmed milk with mine. So. It may be a combo of the milk and banana that works well. I’d encourage you to give it a shot!


I like the banana flavour boost too, but also like most of the other flavours. I mix my shakes mostly with water, occasionally with 100ml almond or oat milk. I enjoy it either way. The only flavour boost I haven’t tried is Matcha. Didn’t like the smell of it so threw the sample away.


What even is Matcha? I saw it and didn’t know what it was!


It’s a type of green tea.


Ahhh, hence why its not very nice! :joy:


Some people love it. I just didn’t want to waste Huel if I didn’t like it :smile:


50/50 original vanilla and unflavoured but since beginning of October I have now stopped using 50/50 water and plant milk. So just water and refrigerated overnight. Damn its good


I haven’t reached that level yet, still getting used to it. So for now it’s milk and flavour shots etc…


Ah there you are! Wondered where you’d got to :grin: