First two weeks

I started using huel because having any kind of proper diet at work just wasn’t going to happen. I’d have my greggs sandwich, but they replaced all the drinks in the deal with zero calorie ones without me noticing so I was trying to live all day on 240 calories then getting home and eating maybe another 500… and that was it.

No wonder I was sleeping so much!

I’ve budgeted 1000 calories for work time, so that’s 2x 3 scoops + cups of tea etc. I actually started on Saturo but shipping all that heavy liquid every week seems wasteful, and is very expensive, so went to huel which is half the cost and I can fit a months supply in a cupboard.

For me Huel without flavourings is… not good… the vanilla is bitter, not sweet at all and tastes a little like wallpaper paste. Once I started adding the sample flavour packs it improved but even those I’d mostly describe as infusions… the banana for example makes the mix yellow but there’s only a hint of banana. I’ve been looking around for stronger flavourings and have had some recommendations already to try.

Berry is a different story and is quite drinkable on its own. I could just stick to that.

I managed 2 days with the ‘shaker’ and bought a blend active which is like night and day. I went from ending up with mouthfuls of unmixed powder to it being smooth, if a little too thick.

Even got my wife into it… she’s on diet shakes (tesco ultraslim, dirt cheap compared to huel but not enough calories for me to survive on…).

I told myself I’d try a month and still going. Still 50/50 on it… my health is definitely better, but I haven’t nailed the mix yet.

Uh… Does it? :joy:

Also, you can’t really compare the two. Slimming shakes are empty calories full of crap. Huel is a macronutrient perfection. A body could comfortably and healthily survive on Huel, likely not so much dieting shakes. Scary stuff goes into them.


Hmm, I don’t get that. As I mentioned elsewhere, banana I thought would be my least favourite boost, but I flippin’ love it. Considering it hasn’t been near a banana it is fantastic…and I usually hate artificial banana things, but love real bananas.

I have Huel to thank for making me rethink my diet. I no longer eat such crap foods as before and consume far more fruit and veg and less and less chicken or fish than I did pre Huel. I love the taste of Huel and have become so adept at using the shaker that I no longer need to blend unless adding frozen fruit to the mix of course. Lumps are a thing of the past, though I must admit to enjoying the odd one or two :yum:
Same as the others, I don’t find banana flavouring affects the colour. I love banana, mocha, rhubarb and custard, pineapple and coconut flavour boosts. A spoonful of cocoa or instant coffee tastes great too.

The tesco stuff is a meal replacement and seems to provide all the vitamins etc. from its box. You’d just have to drink rather a lot to get enough calories to replace every meal with it.

It could just about taste banana but it was barely there compared to what I’d expect from a milkshake. I mean, they got the colour right (presumably a lot of colouring in them, although the tea based one that made it bright green was somewhat offputting :smile:).

I’ve tried them all now except the mocha (even the smell of coffee makes me gag). I might try nesquik as a flavouring as suggested by several people to me now… the advantage being I have a load of the stuff in a cupboard somewhere…

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Oh yes well unfortunately matcha tea is often a sludge coloured drink, so I get what you mean there.

I wasn’t aware that there was any artificial colouring in banana Huel boost tho, and I hadn’t noticed yellow colour. Maybe I’ll tag @Tim_Huel

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Might be a natural colour… it’s the bit I like most though.

It did take the term ‘green tea’ rather too literally :stuck_out_tongue: Since I had to google matcha to even work out WTF it was I was a bit surprised.

I could buy two more sample packs and double up to see if the taste starts coming through… wouldn’t want to commit to £7.50 per flavour (£75 a set! Maybe I’ll ask for them for christmas…) if you can’t taste the results anyway.

Can you send a picture of this? None of our flavour boosts have colouring in. The powder is slightly off white, but not exactly yellow. Huel is a creamy colour so maybe it’s that?.

Sorry you aren’t a huge fan of the flavourings, be sure to check out the posts about flavouring Huel, like this one.


I’ve found a 50/50 milk/water mix makes a massive difference… it seems to activate the sweetness in the vanilla which wasn’t there previously and strips almost all the bitterness away.

I guess it’s the same kind of thing when you add milk to tea… some kind of chemical reaction I’m sure experts would have a name for.

Next thing is to see how much milk is required to cause this (given that dropping a close to a pint of milk every morning into milkshakes isn’t going to scale) so I’ll try 25/75 tomorrow.

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Yes! I love a nice blend with milk and water. Not so good for the vegans but we’re all different, even here

I agree and ive found that you actually only need like two fingers of milk to “activate” it

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Two fingers of milk, great band name

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There is a band called Two Fingers and one called Milk, maybe they should do a collab.

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