Banana is the BEST


I’ve been in Cornwall and Dartmoor… It’s been my birthday weekend away. Normal service will be resumed shortly.


I like matcha tea anyway but not yet bought a full size bag as I generally just add the proper stuff. One thing I need to try is Rooibos. I’ve only recently started to enjoy that and tis really nice in a latte with barista too… So could work in huel


Sounds good. Happy birthday! :grinning:


Happy birthday @hunzas ! :birthday:
Be sure to gibpve us your verdict on roibois when you’ve tried it in Huel!


21again. No huel either. Yikes. Champagne on the beach and a campfire.


I used to like Rooibos but I think it irritated my sensitive stomach so I stopped drinking it. Must try again and see if I will be ok now.


Happy birthday Hunzas :slightly_smiling_face::partying_face:


Finally tried it. Tastes like a proper banana milkshake, yum.

Only strawberry and pineapple left to try…


I agree that Banana is seriously underrated in the Huel world. Reminds me of Nesquik when I was a kid, or Yazoo.


Got some Rooibos teabags today and am enjoying a cuppa right now. I also got some Matcha tea bags to try. Hope I like them :thinking:


Wow thanks for replying Tim! @TimOfficialHuel

On a side note, was you running the Q&A on Instagram earlier today? Enjoyed it! Almost as much as Huel itself, but not quite… :joy:


Instagram Q&A?? No fair! I don’t use insta, I want a Q&A session on here! What sort of things were you talking about?


Where on Instagram? I don’t get the Huel adverts anymore :slightly_frowning_face: and I can’t figure out whether the Huel account I’m following is the UK one or not.


Did you try the rooibos?


Yes. No after effects this time, so far. Not tried Matcha yet but will do when it’s time for my next cuppa :grin:


Bleh, not keen on matcha. Tried it without milk first, then with. Prefer with, but tbh it’s not really for me, either way.


Its definitely better with milk and whisked. Is an acquited taste.


Never thought of whisking tea. They are Tetley Matcha teabags btw.


@Africorn @Ryan on the @huel Instagram page, they have stories, indicated by a orange circle around the profile image. These stories can be interactive, if the one posting it wants it to be. So someone was running a q & a and I’m not sure if it was Tim or not!


Hey Simon, yup I did a little Q&A on the @ Huel Instagram. I think a Q&A on Instagram would be a very different thing to a Q&A on here @RyanT!! If you missed it you can see what I was answering by hitting our FAQ story highlight. However many of you would know the answers I reckon! Perhaps a better thing for the forum would be Huel Pub Quiz for you all!?

@ huel is the main one.