Black Edition Flavours Poll - Help me decide!

I’m wanting to try Huel Black edition but I don’t know which flavour to try? I don’t like coffee and I don’t like vanilla or UU on their own (i.e. without a flavour boost). I’ve also read that chocolate tastes like dark chocolate which I don’t like either, so I haven’t included it in my poll. FYI, I have a sweet tooth and I’m hoping the banana flavour tastes like banana Nesquik? :grin: Thanks in advance for taking part! :pray:

  • Banana
  • Salted Caramel
  • Vanilla with Banana Flavour Boost
  • UU with Banana Flavour Boost
  • Vanilla with Salted Caramel FB
  • UU with Salted Caramel FB

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sounds like you would be better starting with a neutral (UU or Vanilla) flavour and adding some flavour to it you know you already like - such as whatever chocolate//cocoa you like, powdered peanut butter etc so you can experiment and find out what fits you best. at least that way you can try many different flavours rather than being stuck with one you don’t like, how about getting one of each and a sample pack of the flavour boosts.

its no good relying on other peoples opinions on flavours as we all have different tastes.


Agree with @Phil_C You have only to look at all the discussions around tastes and flavours. Very diverse indeed.


I agree with Phil and Bee that everyone’s different, so try a few things.

But also salted caramel is so good, especially if you have a sweet tooth!

The Banana powder doesn’t taste like Nesquik unfortunately for you! It’s much more like a ripe, blended Banana flavour. I would say that our Banana Ready-to-drink is most similar to that Nesquik flavour you want, although not synthetic-tasting like Nesquik!

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I tend to buy both banana and salted caramel as they are my personal favourites.


Black Edition Banana and Salted Caramel have become my favourites too. especially blended with ice. I’m in the minority, but chocolate’s a firm 3rd

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Thanks everyone, I took @Phil_C’s advice and bought vanilla and the flavour boost selection pack. I also ordered a banana ready-to-drink. Everything arrived yesterday (lightning fast delivery!) and I tried the banana RTD this morning which was very nice! :yum:


I haven’t tried the banana RTD, but I expect it will be amazing. I don’t think I dare try it to be honest because I can’t afford to buy it all the time :rofl:


Who likes plain Black Edition U/U? Better or worse than White Edition?

Drinking it as I type this - just received my first time trying black; I am slightly disappointed I won’t lie - salted caramel seems to be hyped up on this forum and I do like salted caramel - but something just seems “off” about it… it’s definitely a tad too salty for me I prefer the subtle saltiness - but the caramel just doesn’t taste like caramel which I can’t describe - other experiences with Huel products are amazing though; just don’t think salted caramel is for me… I did however order a bag of black banana as I loved white banana so looking forward to trying that tomorrow :smiley:

EDIT: I did find a bonus about BE than WE - I seem to feel fuller from black (at least while drinking it) than I do white, I can neck white and even feel like drinking another but with black it seems 1 serving fills me which is a good sign; not sure this is something which will affect everyone but thought it’d be worth the note for those looking to try BE

Ah sorry to hear that. The salted caramel is quite decadent and not subtle. I love that but I’m glad there are some other flavours you’re loving, Banana is so so good and it’s great Black Edition is filling you up!

I only tend to have vanilla because if I am not in a gym, I like to add in frozen fruit and/or a banana. I would like to try banana though, I think i’ll get a taster pack on my next order.

So I’ve come to the decision Black Edition isn’t for me - I really can’t stand the taste… I think it’s the Stevia - it has a horrible aftertaste… I quite like 3.0 but BE tastes too far from it and has the salty-sweet aftertaste not only in salted caramel, but in banana too

Back to 3.0 I go, I was even excited as BE makes me fuller :frowning:

I’ve tried white in the past and wasn’t this time round and it is much better