New Black edition tatse

Hey everyone,

So I’m thinking of trying the new Huel Black edition, in both chocolate and vanilla. I used huel last year and loved it, and I’ve been using it again for the past month (chocolate flavour), and mixed with cashew or almond milk I love it. But I really want to try out the new Black edition as I’m interested in the macros, but worried it won’t taste as good.

What are your opinions on the taste? :slight_smile:

I’ve only used Vanilla and I like it - its like a slightly sweeter version of 2.3 Original taste - nice mixed with other flavours or on its own.

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I really like the vanilla black taste.

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I like the taste of Black Vanilla but not Black Chocolate (am struggling to finish the bag tbh).

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I’ve done both chocolates though not a side by side, there is a difference But wasn’t noticeable for me. The black is more chocolate ness to it I found. The biggest difference to me was the black goes much thicker when in fridge than white.
The vanilla I’ve only had in black, find it a bit strong so cut with UU.

If it’s been a year, and you got on okay with Huel then, I’d say you won’t notice much difference.

I enjoy the black vanilla, it’s a subtle flavour I think and not overly sweet. I like it when drinking it straight after making and also if left in the fridge for a few hours.

The black chocolate I didn’t really care for straight after making. When left in the fridge for a few hours though the flavour mellows and I enjoy it. Not exactly what I would describe as ‘chocolatey’ but I like it when done this way.

If I need to make and drink immediately I will always use vanilla and if I’m making in advance I have the option for vanilla or chocolate.

Thanks everyone for the advice! I think I’ll to ahead and give it a go then, I love the taste of the old huel and I have myprotein flavour drops to change the taste if worst comes to worst :slight_smile:

Hi, I have not tried black vanilla yet but I have a few bags of black chocolate to work my way through. I just cant detect any chocolate flavour to it and like Bee i am struggling with it. I have been mixing it with banana v3 to try and use it up. :exploding_head::joy_cat:

jadore huel black chocolat

send em to me if they’re in date


its weird how ppls taste is different

i much prefer choc over vanilla

i used to mix berry v3 with black vanilla - amazing
banana v3 with black chicolate - amazinger

now ive got the flavour boosts to go solely with the black huel v1

tomorrow im going to gave wet dreams about


So for anyone also wondering this or wants an update- my Huel Black got delivered today. I have tried the chocolate one so far and I really like it! I certainly feel more full than usual, not sure if thats the extra protein or me just not having a big appetite today. Anyway, it tasted great! Certainly different than the white version, but not completely different in my opinion. It has a slight after taste but I remember thinking this when I first tried the white huel and that went after my taste buds got accustomed to it. The taste even reminds me a tiny touch of sweet readybrek, not the texture though that would be gross haha. So yeah all in all I’m happy with it :slight_smile: If anyone wants to know what i think of the vanilla Black feel free to ask, I’ll try that tomorrow


I found I preferred the black chocolate more if I left it in the fridge for a while. Only with the chocolate though. I prefer the vanilla straight away rather than when I’ve left it. At least it gives me options though. If I need a shake straight away I use vanilla if made in advance I use chocolate.
Weird how differing tastes work though :man_shrugging:t2:

i like the choco black more than vanilla

i got some flavour boosts recently they go best with vanilla


I liked them both individually but have found that I prefer the taste of them both mixed together 50/50. I found that if you leave them in the fridge that the pea protein taste came through a lot more strongly which wasn’t too my taste to be honest.

I ordered both Black editions. I am new to Huel.
To be honest I don’t really like both of them but the Vanilla I still drink from time to time.
The chocolate tasted so awful that I straight put the whole bag into the trash.
I was not able to drink more than two sips of it.

So I will likely not become a fan of the drinks…

What I really like are the bars. The salted caramel is amazing !

why cant everyone be like me?

everything would be perfect.