Black Edition Vanilla is excellent

I received my two bags of Black Edition Vanilla. Immediately I noticed that the box it shipped in felt lighter than my previous order of older Vanilla (oat). By a large margin. I was worried both bags weren’t contained inside. Nice surprise.

I made a quick 500ml 2-scoop meal (no ice cubes, no refrigeration). It does taste different than the oat version, but I think I like it a lot. I miss the oat flavor a bit, but this new formulation shook to a much smoother, and still tasty shake. I really like it… and will keep with it for a few weeks (2-3 meals a day, leaving dinner for solid meals) and see how it goes.

I am glad to be back up on the horse.


Yes weird right? I know black is lighter but you wouldn’t think the amount would be that noticeable - I had the same feeling when my three bags were delivered - when I picked the box up I thought they’d skipped a bag.

Taste being the subjective thing that it is, Black is as usual, polarising opinion but personally I find it (vanilla) to be the most palatable and easy to drink of the Huel Powder products Ive had and pretty close to Original 2.3.

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My thoughts too :+1:


Did you also taste the chocolate?

I have not tried chocolate - it’s not my thing unfortunately.

Okay, I have ordered both, as I have almost run out of my 6 month of Huel Original. Pleased to hear that the force is not strong with the black version.

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I have just ordered Black Vanilla after many saying they like it. I don’t like vanilla white Huel so let’s see if this is any better!

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The force has been tamer with the black edition, it’s still there though.

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I’ve just made a Black Edition Vanilla (90g) with 200ml of Alpro chocolate protein milk, 120 ml of water, a tablespoon of peanut butter and a few ice cubes. 20 seconds in my nutri ninja and I have to say it’s absolutely delicious!!

With the calories in the chocolate milk and the peanut butter it’s quite high at about 650 calories and a big hit of protein but after a 12 mile run this morning it worked for me! Can’t recommend highly enough.


Just tried Black Vanilla. It’s much better than White 2.3 Vanilla. I am liking this Black Vanilla much better than Black Chocolate. I have just put it in the fridge to see if it tastes even better chilled later on.


It will taste better. It thickens up too when chilled. I think you’ll like it.

So glad to read this! Even though the price is a bit higher, the lower carbs and higher protein and the fact that it tastes better and closer to the original 2.3 vanilla makes me happy and confident that once my 2.3 original batch runs out, I can continue using Huel, as I have been for several years now.

Both Black Vanilla and Chocolade are awesome. Love the taste, much better then previous versions (I always felt the taste of the artificial sweetener; not it is gone…).
It tastes even better if mixed with oat milk :wink:

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Long time hueler here (several years), tried Black Vanilla for the first time today after years of 2.3 vanilla. It is excellent! Especially when chilled and thickens up. Thanks Huel!

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Not a fan of Black myself. The stevia aftertaste is a bit yacky so I switched to U/U v3.0 and love the stuff.

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Yas! Vanilla is my favorite, thanks a lot!

I’m just finishing a bag of v3 at the moment and have a bag of Black I’m going to try next.

I tried GF before and wasn’t a fan of the taste and texture of that which is why I’ve been so cautious about trying black, but with the ability to now try just one bag rather than dropping £50 on something I may not like, I thought why not.

Looking forward to giving it a try!

Any tips for making this Huel Black (Vanilla) taste more like the Original/White?

I made the noob error of ordering 12 bags of these (for the higher protein/less carbs) assuming it would be more of less the same taste. Pillock me.

The taste I’m getting is a metallic one, Somewhat similar to a cheap protein powder. Anything I can do to dial it towards the more natural/earthy taste of the Original/White bag?

Apologies if this has already been answered!

R :blush:

have you tried mixing it and letting it stand in the refrigerator ? this usually mellows out the flavours as the powder is fully absorbed in the liquid.

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Thanks Phill. So I do that overnight at the moment. Maybe I could let is sit for two days, adding a touch more liquid to avoid it solidifying. Another thing I might try is adding oats or a touch of coffee powder.