Has anyone who doesn't like Black Chocolate gotten on OK with Vanilla?

I’ve just tried Huel Black for the first time, and I found the chocolate flavour extremely unpleasant. There’s a nasty chemical undertone to it, and I had to give up after only a few mouthfuls. I now have a low-grade headache.

After reading around a bit I suspect it might be the stevia, though as I’ve never had stevia before I’m not certain of this.

Has anyone with a similar initial reaction found a way around it? Or has anyone who disliked the chocolate gotten on OK with the vanilla?


Hey there, thanks for the message. Gutted to hear that you aren’t enjoying the Black Edition Chocolate Flavour. The Black Edition doesn’t taste a little different to v3.0 but the difference should be minimal. Have you tried any other Huel Powders?

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Hi Tim, this was my first huel, I’ve not tried any others yet.

All might not be lost — I left it in the fridge overnight, and a cautious taste didn’t give me the same reaction as last night. I’ll have another proper go at it after work and see if things have improved.

I have just got the black vanilla today and will probably try tomorrow. I liked Huel Black chocolaye at first but have now gone off it. Horrible aftertaste.

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Hiya @WillK

Vanilla was fine for me, and I loathed the chocolate with the firey passion of 10,000 suns…

The difference is quite remarkable.



An update for you – chilling it has made a massive difference. The taste isn’t thrilling and there’s some undertones there that I’m not fond of, but it isn’t nearly as bad as last night. I expect I’ll get used to the flavour.

I’ll try blending it with ice next time, and see how far that gets me.

So you’re saying that both chocolate flavours are ruined… I have tried the v3 chocolate and had high hopes for the Black Edition after not liking the v3 taste but I won’t get my hopes up now. :smiley:

I was exactly the same when I first tried it. Mixed it as per right away and was not keen on it at all. Reverted back to my usual thick mix, stored over night and it was lush the next day.

Vanilla is great right away but as ever better chilled and thicker than recommended. Mmmm.

I enjoyed Black vanilla from the get go so decided to try Black chocolate. Had my first one yesterday just mixed with 200ml Alpro almond milk and 120ml of water. I thought it was ok without the chemical taste some people speak of. Due to always drinking mine as soon as I make it I don’t use too much liquid as I like it thick but don’t have time to let it thicken. I like to use Alpro as this gives a thicker consistency due to the gum in it.
Tonight I tried Black chocolate with 200ml Alpro almond milk and 120ml Alpro chocolate plant protein milk, a scoop of peanut butter and some ice cubes (I like it cold as well as thick) Blitzed up in my nutri ninja I have to say it was glorious. I know the plant milks and the peanut butter makes it quite calorific but for post workout it’s and absolute winner and it tastes amazing. Huel Black is definitely working for me!


Interesting to hear the opinions on the ‘black’ chocolate.

5 bags of the stuff arrived with me today - Though I’ve not opened them yet as I still have some previous order to get through.

But… When chocolate first came out (in regular huel) I was excited, and then immediately disappointed - I guess the disappointment was because my expectation was something different - I imagined it would be like some chocolate protein powders I’d had in the past, and it just wasn’t. It didn’t taste bad, just different to how I had imagined - but it ended up really growing on me. I really like it, and considering its nutritional content, it’s amazing.

When the mint chocolate came out that was an instant winner (I hope this comes to the black edition too)

I may have to open a bag tomorrow and see what it’s like. I do expect it to be a bit different to the regular chocolate huel, but I am actually quite looking forward to it.

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I don’t like Vanilla in any of the previous or current white Huel versions but it’s quite nice with Black Huel. Don’t like the Black Chocolate but like white Chocolate.

Hey I’ve just started using it and black edition chocolate was my first foray into the world of huel. Initial taste made me wonder how I was going to get through my 500mls. But I did. It left an odd chalky taste in my mouth for ages after. Day 2 was a bit better. Day 3 I found way more palatable. Day 4 I had vanilla which I enjoyed. Days five will be 1 scoop chocolate and 1 scoop vanilla I’ll see how I get on.

Chocolate Black edition tastes like how i imagine ground black bin bags to taste. Berry and mint choc are the best premade flavours so far.


I had huel 2.3 Vanilla & Chocolate (separate & together). They were ok, i liked them.

3.0 Black label chocolate was horrible to me too. Trully unpleasant. But Vanilla 3.0 Black tastes good.

I mixed them (1 spoon of each) and the chocolate became edible, but still has a bit of that nasty flavour behind. Now it’s bareable.
Vanilla 3.0 only is still better than mixing choc3.0&van3.0

I usually eat black chocolate powder 100% (with water or milk) and it doesn’t taste like chocolate black 3.0 at all. It’s true that the chocoalte black 3.0 has a huge resemblance to real chocolate, except for that chemical terrible afterflavour it gives.