Is there a difference in taste with Black Vanilla & 2.3

Please can anyone who has tried Vanilla v2.3 and the new Black vanilla tell me if there is any difference in taste.

I enjoyed the Black chocolate edition but have now gone off it for some reason. I am enjoying not having the sucralose so wondering if to give Black Vanilla a try. I dislike the 2.3 vanilla. If this new one is quite different to 2.3 then I will be willing to buy a pack and see if I like. The 2.3 chocolate and Black chocolate taste totally different so I’m hoping there is a difference with this too.

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Ditto above!
Well except I still like the chocolate black. But it would be interesting to know if the vanilla is anything even vaguely like the vanilla 2.3!

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I would say the vanilla Black is closer to `original’ than improved vanilla 2.3, with a stronger and pleasant taste of vanilla.

To me, the black huel chocolate flavour is the only version of huel that achieves an actual taste of chocolate, the chocolate 2.3 was closer to chocolate flavour ready brek.


I find black vanilla v3 has a less sweet taste than vanilla 2.3.

I actually like both of them.

In terms of chocolate I’ve only tried v2.3 and didn’t like it much


Hi All…I’ve just had my first swig of Black Vanilla…Luv it!! …seems to be more ‘vanillary’ and a more eeeerrrr…fuller? taste than 2.3.:+1:


Black Vanilla is definitely stronger than 2.3 Vanilla.
Black Chocolate is the best tasting Huel I’ve had so far (as others have said, it actually tastes like chocolate).

To change the flavour of Vanilla, I am using the original Flavour Boost packs (because I have a stockpile of them)… I’m just using about 33% of the amount of Flavour Boost that I would in the 2.3 Huel because the Stevia + Stevia effect can create an unpleasant aftertaste.