Black V1.1 Sweeter?

Is says in the update email that the V1.1 Huel Black will have improved flavour and increased sweetness. I was wondering how this is going to be achieved? Please not with artificial sweeteners!! Can’t tolerate sucralose!

About a year ago, went through absolute hell when they changed versions. Finally got used to Black Edition after trying a number of competitors’ products. Black Edition, as it is, is great, and yet, can expect that V1.1 will be inedible, given that all “improvements” in the past have been towards an alternative sweetener that some appear to like, but I cannot tolerate at all (it becomes like eating toffee, absolutely disgusting).

It’s understandable from an economics perspective, why Huel as a company has to fine tune their products, but, for some loyal customers, this can be both disruptive and expensive.


I feel sad about this because ‘sweeter’ would definitely make me think twice about buying.


Definitely, I’m so apprehensive. I’m going through a really tough time with my health. Under IBD clinic for investigations, and Huel Black has been a godsend for me getting balanced nutrients and helping me lose weight from lots of steroids.

Sorry to hear this @robbiec. Let’s hope that worries about the new version are unfounded. Perhaps @Dan_Huel can explain.

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Hey Robbie and everyone else here. Appreciate your concern, if you love Black Edition then obviously you don’t want us to change it! However, this change is based on a lot of feedback around Black Edition, we’ve taken them on board and made some small changes to the taste and texture.

Nothing has really changed nutritionally with the Black edition chocolate and vanilla, so don’t worry about that. We have simply made some amendments that should only effect the flavour and texture of the powders (in a positive way), this involves us using a more premium version of stevia to rid us of any lingering tastes and trying to get to a cleaner flavour.

Fire over any other questions you have and I’ll do my best to answer!

*Edit. The only changes with Black Edition are to sweetness and flavour, not texture.

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Hi @Tim_Huel you only mention Black edition chocolate and vanilla so are these the only two flavours that will change. Also you mention texture. Do you mean these will go ‘thinner’ like v3.0?

I don’t have an issue with stevia flavour in Huel black but stevia generally can be a bit bitter, it may be that I’ve got used to stevia over the years tho.

The one sweetener I do not like the taste of is aspartame. Not relevant here.

As an aside has anyone tried monk fruit as a sweetener? Has it been tried in the Huel lab etc? I’ve not heard anything bad about it, although think its more expensive than other options

Cant you upload the email? I dont know why but sometimes I dont receive it or I receive it in 24-48 hours

Is there any change to Black UU?

What changes do you mean in particular?

You may add another sweetener, wouldn’t mind - as long as it is not aspartame (which is a no-go). That’s the only problematic one in my opinion, as there is evidence for adverse longterm effects.

How does the texture change?

Same. When Black edition came out it was ideal! Extra protein and less disgustingly sweet artificial taste. If it ends up like White, I might have to stop buying :disappointed_relieved:

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Correct, BE Unflavoured and Coffee Caramel will be unchanged, however their labels will say v1.1. @airiartev

We’ll still be using stevia, but there are many different types of stevia. No aspartame or sucralose going in to Black Edition.

Smoother. We had many complaints, more than other Huel Powders, about grittiness with Black Edition Vanilla and Chocolate. *Edit. Not correct, only changes with Black Edition are to sweetness and flavour, not texture.

@Dan_Huel perhaps you know better, but I think monkfruit isn’t approved as a sweetener in the EU yet?


You’ve got it! When do you want to join the nutrition team Tim?

Whipping out that Nutrition BSc (Hons) * dabs *

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Please can someone post the email here?



This is good to know. Thank you. Sorry I was panicked that my lifeline might have been ruined! Excited about the texture improvement


A small reminder to everyone in this thread - Black edition comes in Unflavored/Unsweetened version too, so you can get this one and then sweeten it yourself using your preferred method (or modify the taste in any other way you want).

The sky is not falling.

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Hi I didn’t receive the email either. :thinking::thinking: