Black V1.1 Sweeter?

Ontop of this contradiction, both powders use the same main protein sources, pea and brown rice.

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Thanks for this. I didn’t get the email, hence my rather obvious questions.

My local whole food store used to sell stevia many years before it was approved here.

They had a warning on it which said “not for human consumption” even though that was what people would do with it.

Obviously that wouldn’t work on Huel :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t know about that being case for monk fruit.

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Just out of curiousity:
Why is it called v1.1 instead of v2? What is the system behind the numbering?

I wish everyone would use semantic versioning for their products:

is that not what they are doing I guess? it’s just the amendments to formulations are not frequent enough to require more than one decimal place.

Totally get this. The same issue with HDMI which I discovered recently. Numbering is completely wrong, 2.1 should really be 3.0 because of so many changes from 2.0 system of data transfer.

hits forehead with desk

One day things will be simple to the users…

They are doing something close to semantic versioning, yes, but not in full conformance to it.

Huel is a food, not a software/computer product, so of course I’m not asking for full adherence to it. They increment MAJOR number to make it look flashier than it really was, and they didn’t increment MINOR or PATCH numbers on some changes, such as the removal of kelp from list of ingredients. In the case of Huel Black v1.1 U/U they incremented MINOR number despite no changes to the product, only to keep it in line with the rest of the Huel Black offerings.

All of these are understandable changes on a “human” level, yet somehow I still dream of semver being used everywhere because it makes numbers meaningful.

What other food even has version numbers? Ever seen a Banana 2.0? Hmm, now that I think about it, we should have incremented the MAJOR number for bananas, because we’re no longer using the Gros Michel ones and are instead using Cavendish. Perhaps we really should add version numbers to other foods.


yes - I see your point there.

There’s a significant increase on black tho; which could make either or both protein’s natural taste to pop off more (there’s also less of the rest to “mask”).

Let’s see how this changes the taste; because in my experience, Black improved when mixing with other sweeter products.

If I could upvote your comment more I would. As someone with diagnosed OCD what you are saying is absolute music to my ears!

'Fessing up here. Extremely sorry but this is not correct. There are no texture changes to v1.1 Black Edition. The changes are improved sweetness and improved flavour.

Just me getting confused, probably because I haven’t had a holiday in a while, despite what @coup and @hunzas believe. Really sorry for confusion.

If it wasn’t already clear, there are no changes to Black Edition Unflavoured or Coffee Caramel, except the label saying v1.1.


Just received Huel Black Edition Vanilla 1.1

One question: Who are your testers?

For me, this is so clearly a step backwards. It tastes so much sweeter, like a candy bar. It’s not completely inedible, but why are you catering for people with such an exceptionally sweet tooth?


Suspect those of us perplexed by the sweetness of 1.1 may be able to solve the problem by mixing in Huel Black Unflavoured & Unsweetened (will be ordering some to try this out).

Also worth noting that the type of sweetener remains the same, but is more intense.

I do that with V3 Original - I like the taste of Original but the new version is too sweet for me. I’ve found a 60/40 split of UU/Original makes a nice, easily palatable drink. On the upside of Originals’ sweetness - it makes a great cream replacement in cooking :slight_smile:

Don’t fix it if it ain’t broken! This is so annoying, I loved the previous vanilla Huel because it was neutral - so unique amongst the entire industry of disgusting tasting shakes. Now after the change it’s sweeter and it’s maddening. If you want sugar, put the sugar in you idiot…you CAN add but you can’t take away. Another shake ruined :frowning:


Maybe you want to try UU…

I couldn’t agree more.

In case I haven’t thanked you before, @Phil_C , for the 60/40 tip, I thank you now. I’ll be trying that out in the next few days.

I’ve been properly knocked off my Huel-horse by the downgrade to v. 3.0 “Original”. Blending might be fine, but I only have a small kitchen, in a small house, and it’s starting to get ridiculous in there. In the space of a few days, I’ve gone from having ONE bag of the ONE Huel product I’ve been basically living on for the past 3+ years to having THREE bags of savoury on the go, plus ONE bag of Black Chocolate, plus soon ONE bag of UU and ONE bag of v.3.0. Oh, and I have a bag still unopened of Vanilla, too. If things keep going like this, you’ll soon be seeing me on “Britains Worst Hoarders”, picking my way along a narrow path through my house, with precariously towering piles of Huel sacks on all sides…

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I had a Black vanilla Huel made for me by my better half yesterday. I thought she’d done it wrong somehow… Same again this morning… I check and discover that it was a new bag, one of these v1.1 ones. I didn’t realise there had been an update.

WTAF, I just can’t believe it, absolutely awful, it’s utterly ruined what was a great product before.

Seriously, what feedback have Huel sought and from who before releasing this? I’ve been drinking 2/3 Vanilla Black Huels per day since it first came out… a pretty satisfied and loyal customer I would describe myself as… I didn’t even get a notification to tell me it was changing to v1.1… let alone any opportunity to give any feedback. Or I might add, any opportunity to taste the new version before committing to my usual subscription.

This is an absolute clanger from Huel… I’ve now got 2 bags worth of crap I cannot stomach.