Huel Black Edition - more versions?

Hello Huelifam! (:grin: #huelifam)

To business - will there be further editions to the Black Edition like there has been with the classic Huel Powder? E.g. Black Edition v2.0 (I know there are v1.1 with the flavoured versions)

In particular reference to the unflavoured and unsweetened will you continue to develop it?

I personally love the black edition though, it’d be interesting to see what you hueligans here think about this and if there is anything you guys would like to see more from the black edition? #experiences


Hi @harrythehueligan

Now we’ve had the tweaks to BE v1.0 to v1.1, there are currently no imminent changes planned. In the early days, there was lots more that could be improved on a formula and we implemented these things. When we kicked off BE, we already put these earlier changes into the formula from the outset, so there are fewer things that we can do to improve BE!

However, we are always innovating and trying new things in order to further improve Huel products so when we find things useful enough, yeah, sure!


Thanks James and that’s handy to know!

I think I was just more curious in the differences between BE and Huel Powder regarding innovation and other’s thoughts on what they may like to see more of with BE :slight_smile:

Cool to hear there’s always something happening under the hammer :shushing_face: and look forward to potentially more developments to BE in the foreseeable future!!

Black edition is better, definitely. Most importantly it is grain-free and gluten-free (ordering the gluten-free standard edition would be a bad idea - the price is the same, but it lacks the good ingredients of black edition like EGCG).

The micronutrient profile is already good, but the addition of further antioxidants like e.g. asthaxanthine or ubiquinone would be a great innovation - if I could wish some changes to Huel or extensions of the product line I would suggest this.