Black Edition formula Change

Given the recent formula changes in Huel powder would I be correct in assuming that black edition will be reformulated Ina similar way? It seems like if you are not using ingredients such as kombucha, probiotics etc any more you will stop using them in all lines?

Is this true?
If so when will it change?
And will you give enough warning that those who wish to can stock up on the current formula?

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The thread introducing says it is Huel Powder 3.1 so I guess Black edition will not be affected. (Atleast I hope it doesn’t)

Also point is, it is introducing Coffee Caramel edition which already exist in Black.

Why would the reasons apply to Huel 3.1 but not black?

Here you can see what they are changing in powder while shifting from 3.0 to 3.1
No mention of Black.

I know, thanks I read it. No mention of black yet, but what would’ve the logic of continuing to add those things to black? I’m sure it will come. It’s just they are dealing with one at a time.

Good question Jeff! We are currently working on reformulating Black Edition Powder and, to be honest, have yet to make any firm decisions so I don’t have anything to share.

Please don’t (a gentle request)
Its quite perfect for me what it is now. :sweat_smile: