Introducing Black Edition Powder v1.2

We’ve made some changes to Black Edition Powder

What are the changes?

  • Improved taste – we’ve made subtle improvements to all flavours
  • We’ve removed kombucha – following the extensive nutritional testing, we discovered that kombucha made minimal contribution to the nutrition content and was, therefore, unnecessary
  • Lycopene has been removed – Several regions in the EU have regulatory restrictions regarding lycopene that we want to avoid. As Black Edition Powder is a wide-reaching product, we want to ensure it is aligned in different regions. Black Edition still contains several key phytonutrients including lutein, zeaxanthin and ferulic acid.

There are minimal changes to the nutritional profile and Black Edition Powder:

  • Contains 40g of protein
  • Includes probiotics
  • Is naturally gluten-free
  • Contains no artificial sweeteners
  • Is still nutritionally complete
  • Macro split is still exactly the same – 17:40:40:3 (carbohydrate, protein, fat, fibre)

Plus, Chocolate and Salted Caramel flavours are now being produced with our Tony’s Chocolonely cocoa supply chain.

How do you know if you’ve got the new recipe?

Check the version number on the back of the pouch. If it says “Huel v1.2” that’s the new version!

Any questions, let us know here!


@JamesCollier - what was that about raising your head above the virtual parapets? :wink:

Will this also be switching to the mono material packaging?

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Phew, was nervous about this, but sounds good.
Nice news about Tony’s too. :+1:

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Question - what have you added or removed, either ingredients or volume wise, to hit the same macros?

We’ve listed the two ingredients we’ve removed - kombucha and lycopene. This, combined with insignificant tweaks to existing ingredients, hasn’t impacted the macros :blush:


Will the pricing of the product change at all?

As this product was created meticulously in the first place as is part of Huel’s story, you will have known the nutritional values of all your ingredients, including kombucha, so if it made a “minimal contribution” as is now claimed, why was it included in the first place?

This appears as a cost-saving exercise being fobbed off as “it didn’t really do much anyways, so don’t worry about it”. My understanding is that your product had already been through “extensive nutritional testing”, and every single ingredient was meticulously chosen and included to produce the “nutritionally complete meal” that we all know and love. If you can simply take ingredients out willy-nilly, and claim they made minimal contribution, then your original claims have to be brought into question.

What level of nutritional contribution did Lycopene make please, as this info is omitted from your statement? Lycopene is known as one of the most powerful natural antioxidants, so to have this taken out is a shame, especially when it’s simply due to red tape by a few EU regions. We are getting a lesser product now for the same price… unless of course you will be reducing the price?


Holding the price steady at a time of food inflation is a de facto price decrease, month on month, so be happy.

Unless of course the K&L were making a up a huge part of the cost of production, which I doubt.

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Hi … is it necessary to keep the Xanthan Gum in v1.2 ?

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Just because these things play on my mind: why v1.2, not v1.1?


v1.1 was a few years ago. That’s the version being replaced.

James said that following more extensive nutritional testing they decided the contribution was minimal. I guess they didn’t know at the time. Huel has made a few wrong steps: too much salt, added fluoride etc. I guess it’s a learning process for them. That’s my take on it. Many/most food manufacturers revise their recipes from time to time. No doubt some of it is a cost saving exercise not just to improve nutritional profile. Perhaps Huel does this too.


Thank you, David, much appreciated. Newbie here, and you’re right, the packets are labelled v1.1. I was confused my the email from the company.

Hardly a surprise when reading that.

I usually have a mix of Powder and Black Edition daily to get the variety of ingredients in BE. If kombucha is being removed and had minimal contribution anyway, I’ll stick with Powder now for simplicity and stop buying BE.

Once a full meal organic DG/Superblend type powder is released in the UK, I’ll buy that exclusively for all my daily meals besides dinner. Just hope there are a couple of flavours – DG tastes pleasant, but couldn’t stomach a full shake of it.

Great to see the switch to Tony’s!

I’m not familiar with DG/Superblend, can you explain please the benefits of this over powder or black edition?

Marketing. Everyone knew it was useless and it was pointed out in many places. But clueless people read “komucha” and instantly reach for their wallet.

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Oh no! Now I’m going to have to buy all the flavours again to see if any of them can be added/removed from my rotation!

I understand to an extent the removal of lycopene.

But it seems a shame as from my understanding its a strong antioxidant so we’d surely be loosing a pretty good benefit from Huel.

It would be interesting to know if the testing showed the amount used also had a minimal effect.

Good news on Tonys though!

Superblend is a nutritionally complete powder Huel do that’s made entirely from whole foods, almost entirely organic, including a plant-based protein and superfood blend, organic superfruit blend, organic antioxidant greens blend, organic adaptogen and super mushroom complex, organic botanical blend, and probiotics.

If my understanding is correct, it’s essentially achieving the same thing as Huel Powder, but made from the above organic whole food ingredients so is more natural and even more healthy, but is only 250kcal. So my hope is that Huel are working on a full meal version (e.g. 400kcal) for the UK, which can be consumed several times a day like Powder, BE, etc.

The benefits are primarily that your nutritionally complete powder would be entirely from whole foods, and almost entirely organic, along with far more probiotics, adaptogens, etc. That’s the holy grail for me IMO. The final step away from some of the less natural ingredients currently in Huel 400kcal powders.

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