Introducing v3.1 🖤

Hey Hueligans We’re making some changes to Huel Powder v3.0. We’ve listened to Hueligan feedback and made Powder v3.0 better for you, and for the planet :seedling:

Enter…Huel Powder v3.1, which we will start switching to from w/c 27/03/2023.

What are the changes?

  • :green_heart: IMPROVED SUSTAINABILITY - we have reduced the amount of brown rice protein, replacing it with faba bean protein which will contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of our ingredients by 16% (carbon reductions calculated using 3rd party verified impact data from HowGood).
  • :tongue: NEW AND IMPROVED FLAVOURS - containing all natural flavourings such as Belgian chocolate flavour in our new Chocolate Powder and vanilla bean flavour in our new Vanilla Powder.
  • :coffee:We have made improvements to each flavour and have updated our Coffee flavour to a new and improved Coffee Caramel.
  • :sunglasses: SMOOTHER texture - less clumping and smoother consistency.
  • :medal_sports: Now Halal and Kosher certified.
  • :muscle:We have also made some nutritional changes including an increase in protein to 30g, more fibre and a small reduction in fat and salt.

If you would like to see the full nutritional information please see here: What changes are we making to Huel Powder v3.0?
How do I know if I’ve got the new recipe?
Please check the version number on the bottom left of the back of the pack which will say Huel v3.1. Please see the image at the bottom of this email for reference.
What happens if I have an existing Powder v3.0 subscription?
We will switch you over to the new and improved recipe automatically. If for any reason you are not happy with the changes, you can log into your account at any time to manage your subscription


Ooh, i was due to get myself some bags but i’ll hold on 'til then! Excited to try the new flavours!
Hooray for a little more protein and definitely happy about a fibre increase too!

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Please hold me, I’m scared.

After changing my 2nd favourite Huel product (Mac & Cheese) into a flavourless mess that I never want to eat again, I’m doubly dismayed to see my #1 product being ‘improved’ to a totally different flavour Coffee → Coffee Caramel.

I hated the black edition coffee caramel.

Please taste good, please taste good.


I’m interested in the reasoning behind removal of Kombucha & pro/pre-biotics. IMHO the addition of these was welcome, but perhaps I’ve missed something.


What’s the rationale behind removing the pre/probiotics and Kombucha?


Gaaaahhhhhhhh, nooooooo! Why replace ALL the flavours with sweet flavours?! It was bad enough switching to v3 coffee which had a really obvious caramel flavour to it and now you’re straight up going down the route of pandering to all these sweet toothed folk. :cry: Off to panic buy a metric f&%k ton of coffee v3 to last me as long as possible. :frowning:


We have optimised our Powder to ensure that we can make a better tasting, smoother powder with even less impact on the environment. In order to do this, we’ve had to strip out some ingredients which weren’t contributing to this, but don’t worry it’s still the same nutritionally complete meal that you love.

Please don’t be scared Rami, we’ll hold you :black_heart: I really hope you like the new version and I’m sorry the same can’t be said for mac and cheeze.

I’m sorry you aren’t happy with this change, are there any flavours that aren’t so sweet that you would like to see launched? (apart from coffee)

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That’s very disappointing news. I can cope with tweaking flavours - but changing Coffee to Coffee Caramel is replacing one flavour with a completely different flavour!

I currently have Coffee Huel every morning for breakfast. I really don’t like the sound of Coffee Caramel as a replacement :frowning:


Just coffee. Breakfast isn’t about sweet flavours. :frowning:


That’s not an answer.


I’m interested in the reasoning behind removal of Kombucha & pro/pre-biotics. IMHO the addition of these was welcome, but perhaps I’ve missed something.


I’d recommend using original/vanilla and adding a shot of espresso (or some instant coffee of choice works). Personally i think that tastes better IMO!

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I never found a way of doing this that tasted as good as the pre-v3 coffee huel. :thinking: Tried with the usual suspects of UK instant coffee brands: nescafe gold, kenco smooth, nescafe azera americano. I don’t have an espresso machine, just a glass jug drip filter so that route isn’t an option unfortunately.
v3 coffee flavour is quite caramelly already though, dread to think how bad it’s going to be in v3.1.

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Really sad to see the kombucha & pro/prebiotics go - these were some of my favourite additions to Huel because of the sensibility towards gut health.

I would really appreciate a more in depth explanation as to why they are being removed, beyond that given by @Charlotte_Huel with regards to their impact on consistency and the environment - I find it hard to believe that the majority of huel consumers would forego the gut health boosting benefits of these ingredients in order to have a more sustainable product with a smoother consistency.

Besides, why no mention of efforts, failed or otherwise, to replace these ingredients with others that help with gut health but which are more sustainable and don’t mess with consistency?

(By the way - I’ve never had a problem with the consistency of v3.0, which makes this doubly hard to understand and swallow)


Well looks like my order will contain no more chocolate from now on. I tested this recipe a couple of months ago and threw out most of the bag. I guess most people’s feedback was different to mine.

It did mix to a better consistency but left such an artificial taste (even though it has more actual chocolate in) in the mouth it really was unpalatable.

Let’s hope the other flavours aren’t ruined and I can still get my fix.

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Faba bean protein is great IMO. Is it UK grown (even better)?

I agree, Shame about the biotics (are you pro- or anti-).

Probably won’t bother with coffee caramel either.

I agree with some comment made previously on the removal of prebiotics. I would tend to think moving to Huel is mostly a healthy driven choice rather than a pure taste one. Removing prebiotics to make it better tasting and smoother? Solving problems I did not have by removing a key reason for me to take Huels.

Though I am not taking the coffee flavour I am also a bit annoyed by how sweet most of the recipes are. My solution is to mix it with acidic kefir to make it more palatable. Just saying. Sweeter is not always the way to go.


Very dissapointed to see you are replacing coffee with more candy flavour.


The removal of Lycopene is not mentioned.

The replacement of L-Methylfolate with cheaper and inferior Folic Acid is not mentioned, and is important to know for people with methylation problems.

There also appear to be other differences in the micronutrient blend, regarding the addition of some new items due to less nutrition coming from the primary ingredients (tapioca flour has no micronutrients and there’s more and more of tapioca being used with every huel version), and this should be discussed.

Looks like 3.1 U/U has more saturated fat per 2000kcal than 3.0 and almost double the sugar per day compared to 3.0, that doesn’t sound like listening to feedback.

If you learned anything from the recent UK advertisement problems, you’d be more specific about what this 30g refers to. 30g per 2000kcal? per portion? per 100g of product?

To answer my question, it’s an increase of 1g of protein per 100g serving, from 29g to 30g, hardly worth mentioning.

The probiotics likely did not survive all the way to the customer for the entire time before expiration, so it likely did not do anything.

Use unsweetened/unflavored Huel powder and modify the taste yourself.

Can you make a better powder for those of us who don’t care about the environment at all?


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
How to ruin a company’s credibility in a single message