Chocolate Version 3 Any Huel Update?

Hi Huel-fanatics,

When I tasted chocolate Huel (v2.3) for the first time, I saw myself growing old with it. It tasted so damn good, to the point that I was really looking forward to my Huel even when I was not hungry.

I was thus very eager to order again a big batch of Huel, including 5 Huel chocolates, despite reading a lot of comments here saying that V3 was no good. I thought people were exaggerating. Man, was I wrong! The taste is nowhere near comparable to the amazing v2.3 taste, and the aftertaste is even a bit disgusting. I will try to find a way to deal with these 5 bags, but I really really hope the V2.3 taste can be brought back (which doesn’t sound like too much of a hassle?).

I have read a lot of same comments when browsing the forum. Has there been any reply of Huel itself on the issue?

I am also curious about this. We are almost out of our outlet 2.3 bags and will have to find an alternative if 3.0 is still the only option.

if it is selling well then it won’t be seen as an issue - a few peoples negative feedback on something as subjective as taste - especially chocolate which has so many different tastes - wouldn’t be sufficient reason to reformulate a whole product line I would have imagined. From what I recall when another user run a poll on a return to the original chocolate flavour only about 35 people said they wanted that - given the sales volume of Huel that isn’t a lot.

use your own favourite chocolate powder and add to vanilla?

I haven’t tried the new white chocolate as I ordered a bunch of black bags and got hooked on them, but I like tweaking the taste of my huel so I won’t grow tired of it. Depending on what your issues with the taste is there are a few changes you can make. My most common is mixing two flavours in one shake: 2 chocolate + 1 vanilla for example if you want more sweetness; chocolate + unflavoured if you want less sweetness; adding cocoa powder (or other spices such as cardamom) for increasing taste; mixing with chocolate protein powders for more taste and a workout boost; adding frozen berries to the shaker a few minutes before consuming to bring focus onto a totally different flavour (I like blueberries for chocolate, they marry well).
I hope you find your sweet spot regarding the updated huel taste.

Frozen cherries :cherries: and a touch of honey :honey_pot: for a Black Forest gateaux flavour works too.

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@Phil_C: 35 people disliking the chocolate version is a huge underestimate given that the vast amount of huel customers are not on this forum, let alone encounter just that one poll about the chocolate flavour (the poll that btw indicated that 3x as many people like V2.3 better than V3). Just as an indication, I have some friends using huel that are not on this forum, and all of them find the new V3 chocolate a huge downgrade. I think you underestimate how many people don’t like the V3 chocolate, but indeed they will probably have a better estimate based on sales.

I will probably deal with this by mixing in the chocolate mint, since the mint seems to mask the dirty chocolate taste, so I’ll be good. But I am not planning to buy chocolate in this form anymore.

how can I underestimate an unknown quantity? and no, the poll didn’t show that - it showed that a small majority of responders referred 2.3 while the remainder either couldn’t tell the difference or preferred v3. Huel usually respond to poor selling products by dropping them. As this hasn’t happened yet with Chocolate - I can only assume that its selling fine.

61% that doesn’t like V3 vs 39% that likes V3 better or is indifferent, is not really a small majority in my opinion. But anyway, we will see if they change it. What’s your opinion on the taste actually?

“how can I underestimate an unknown quantity”. So now you’re arguing that underestimation as a word is non-sense, because estimation per definition refers to unknown quantities? I can give you an example of how you can underestimate an unknown quantity: 'The percentage new-born babies of yesterday in Los Angeles that were male, is 11%".

my point was I can only go by the amount of people I see voicing concern over it and 61% of less than 60 people is not a great amount - I’m sure there are more but how many more in the larger customer base - who knows. the fact the some people even felt there was no difference would indicate to me that any difference is very slight which would be a reasonable assumption to make.

I haven’t tried the premix but have tried the FB which also receives similar divisive feedback. to me, it tasted like what it is - sweetened cocoa powder. that isn’t ‘chocolate’ in of itself, just one of many different chocolate tastes.

Personally - I never got why there is a chocolate premix as its pretty easy to make your own using your own preferred chocolate flavouring whether that be sweetened cocoa, cacao, bitter chocolate, milk chocolate etc etc. there are so many variations on the theme hitting the mark that pleases everyone would be near impossible I guess, as different markets have different taste preferences.

Yeah I see why you think that any difference would be slight based on the poll results, but I am also really surprised that there are people that don’t notice a difference, since the difference is imo like day and night. But I guess about taste cannot be argued.

Indeed you’re right, better to buy the unflavoured one and flavour it yourself with sweetened cocoa powder. Also helps to get rid of the sucralose, which is the other downside of huel to me (for the rest I love huel).

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personally - I’m not a huge chocolate fan and can find it sickly, so if I do use it in Huel, then I either use cacao with a little prune juice to sweeten/deepen the taste or this which also uses fruits to the same effect.

Nope - I don’t care for the vanilla. I’m sure there is another brand that has something that actually tastes like chocolate.

I’m very disappointed that Huel has not responded to this. I was hoping for better customer service - at least a reply. It’s too bad.

Use unflavoured then - probably helps if you decided what ‘chocolate’ tastes like to you in advance of that. Just so you know - practically every commercial chocolate you buy contains either vanilla or vanillin as standard - so if you like that, then there’s no reason to suppose you wouldn’t like making chocolate huel yourself using vanilla as a base.

there has been a lot of separate discussions on this where many people have expressed their opinions including Huel staff. You just have to read through them all.

I understand you’re both frustrated and disappointed with the v3.0 Chocolate, we hear your complaints and take them all seriously. However we must be certain not to make a knee jerk reaction. Plenty of people love the Chocolate Huel, it sells very well, but I think it’s more common to voice concerns and complaints here on the forum about flavours and version changes (clearly we have tons of lovely positive stuff here too! I just mean, if people come to the forum to talk about a flavour we sell, it’s usually that they don’t like it).

At the moment we are gathering data from the customer experience team who track all these complaints methodically but as well looking at customer retention on flavours including Chocolate. I trust you have emailed our customer experience team about this? If not, I would recommend you do so it can be added into our this data set.

So you know we are looking at refinement, but only once we have conclusive data to prove it.

That’s actually our latest Bar release! The comments here are about our Powder, but you should definitely try the new Bar too :blush:!

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Oh yeah I was referring to the white bags; v3.0 chocolate powder Huel, since this seems to be what the thread is about. Sorry, should have made it more clear. Didn’t actually know there existed a white chocolate bar but it sounds delicious. Maybe I’ll put in an order when the time comes for more travelling, but for now I’m just a powder puff gal :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Blimey, wonder what caused that?

@Tim_Huel: Thanks for the reply! No I haven’t emailed the customer service, but I will do. I thought they also checked the forum?
And not too much frustration over here, don’t worry. It’s just a pity and I will pbb switch to other Huel flavours. For the sales numbers: that surprises me on one hand, but on the other hand it doesn’t. I guess we can only say something about a possible sales decline in a few months, since for instance my recent 5 Huel V3.0 Chocolate purchases were based on V2.3, but I will never again buy Huel chocolate 3.0. So my own small decline is not factored in yet, and likely that holds for more people.

Just out of curiosity, what was the reason to change the taste of the chocolate version?

If I worked in customer services at Huel I’d only check the forum if I had no other work to do. 97% of the posts here are about what happens if you put Robocop in a microwave.


is there anything more deserving talking about than that? :laughing: