Poll to bring back the v2.3 chocolate flavour

To this day I’m thinking back to v2.3 chocolate and its taste, it was just amazing and drinking it was quite often the best part of my day. I have gone through almost an entire bag of v3 chocolate and I kind of endure it but it doesn’t taste amazing like v2.3… So could you just keep the v3 recipe but just bring the taste of v2.3 chocolate back? Please?

I created a poll and it would be nice if only people who have tried v2.3 chocolate would vote in the poll :slight_smile:

  • Bring back the amazing taste of v2.3 chocolate
  • I like v3 chocolate more than v2.3, there’s no need for a change
  • There’s no difference between v2.3 and v3 chocolate

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I’ve not tasted v3 chocolate.
As the expert on all things chocolate I feel like I should contribute to this discussion but can’t :confused:

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I drank a lot of v2.3, and a lot of v3.0, but I no longer remember what v2.3 tasted like or if I noticed much difference. So I can’t even vote that there’s no difference, because I probably noticed a difference but didn’t care after a day or two.

I havent tried 3.0 but i wasnt a huge fan of 2.3, it just tasted like chocolate protein shakes to me, i much preferred banana and coughoriginalcough

3.0 is a massive downgrade from 2.3 chocolate. Once I can no longer have my 2.3 chocolate I will no longer be purchasing Huel.

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That sentence sums up the issue with v3 chocolate perfectly.

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I didn’t get the opportunity to try the 2.3, but can say I agree with the opinion that chocolate 3.0 isn’t all that great. It’s the one flavour I really dislike. I hate the chocolate flavour bar also, whereas I love all the others. In general, chocolate should have been a winner for me, so there is just something about the taste that really doesn’t sit right. Having said that someone else in my house loves it, so there is one for and against in our house. Is it like marmite?

Oh I love the chocolate huel bar!
It’s much less sweet than the others and by far my preference to have as a meal, whereas the others are more like sweet treats.
The chocolate orange is probably my favourite but the chocolate a close second.

Choc v2.3 defo tasted better, could still be improved tho as well a little. v3.0 choc just has this strong Toffee taste. Just rename to Toffee and make an actual Chocolate flavour >.>


It seems that by now there’s only one person who thinks that v3 chocolate is better contrary to the two other options, that kind of confirms that v3 chocolate is not an improvement.

I dont think 11 people is a big enough sample size to consider it conclusive, especially when the difference in votes is 6-5?

In fact, the vote is very leading, two options are for there to be no need for a change, one option for a change, so you have split the vote that goes against your wishes, reminds me of Brexit :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you completely misunderstood my sentence.

There’s a difference between thinking a change is not necessary as the new chocolate flavour isn’t extremely bad versus thinking that v3 is actually an improvement.

I think Jewy’s post was saying that the poll would have been better served by being more specific about the questions – as it seems you are referring only to the taste, a more simple yes / no type option would have been clearer such as:

  1. Do you think the taste of v3 chocolate is worse than 2.3?
  2. Do you think the taste of v3 chocolate is as good or better than 2.3?

Huel’s mantra has always been “Nutrition first and taste second” but despite that they still endeavour to match flavours to market tastes. The switch to more natural flavourings will impact things like chocolate more than most. Chocolate in its natural state is very bitter and earthy and this doesn’t always suit.

In the US for instance – Adult consumers prefer milk to dark chocolate by 71% to 29% as milk chocolate is loaded with extra sugars and fats to make the taste mellower (but also less healthy) and this suits the regional taste preferences. In Europe, the gap is turning the other way 51% milk to 49% plain with a trend showing that shift by approximately 3% year on year in favour of plain.

All that being said – it is very easy for a Huel customer to tweak the flavour of their chocolate premix either by adding more sweeteners themselves or indeed using a vanilla base instead and then adding their own preferred chocolate – sweetened cocoa or raw Cacao powders for example.

I’ve only ever had the 3.0 chocolate, and it’s meh. Just bought a new round of Huel, a vanilla and a chocolate-mint (because they were out of chocolate-mint booster).

V2.3 Chocolate is also still available in the outlet store BTW.

I’m in the EU, I haven’t seen v2.3 chocolate in the outlet store for months. Besides, getting v2.3 is a temporary solution as it is not produced anymore and v3 is a massive downgrade from v3 in terms of taste.

Regarding the poll. From the past year I practically don’t remember anyone disliking v2.3 chocolate at all while a large amount of people have voiced their concerns regarding v3 chocolate in this forum and in Reddit… There are people who have stopped or will stop ordering Huel because their main flavour was removed.
For me it seems like a no-brainer that v3 chocolate was a mistake.


Sorry - I only checked the UK outlet where Chocolate 2.3 (not GF) was still showing as available.

I agree, the version 2.3 is alot better, i have both to hand and there is a significant difference. V3 just tastes less chocolatey, less creamy and less smooth.

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But, what about people who think that v3 is just about the same? They arent represented. Currently the vote is at 56% to 22% and 22% which makes it seem like option A is steamrolling the competition in favour of making a change, whilst in actual fact is almost a 50/50 split between people who want a change and people who don’t want a change.

Its like if i said “Do you like beans?” but i really wanted to emphasise people not liking beans so the options i gave were “No” and then “i like baked beans”, “i like green beans”, “i sometimes like beans”, “what are beans?” and so on, eventually no will outweigh the other options no matter what because the vote in favour of beans is completely split, you see what i’m saying?

Right now between 23 people there is an 8% difference, 8% of 23 is 1.84. There literally arent even 2 more people who want the taste to change as opposed to those who see the change being unnecessary unless you were to round up. Those aren’t the kind of numbers that confirm anything, they are middleground.

EDIT: You also have to consider that the disappointed group will be more vocal, as those who notice no change wont come on the website to complain about how nothing is different, so there will be a clear bias.

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