Chocolate v3 - urgh!

I’ve been getting Huel since the start at v1, and I’ve diligently gone through all of the flavour packs but they all have a nasty plastic/metallic aftertaste so when pre-mixed chocolate came out and I liked it, I was glad to have an alternative to the original vanilla (again the ‘improved’ vanilla has that horrible aftertaste). Now chocolate v3 doesn’t even taste of chocolate! I don’t know what it’s meant to be! There’s just this horrible, acrid, plasticness that feels like it’s coating my mouth. Please bring back version 2, as you did with vanilla, this stuff is awful! Fortunately, I only have two bags, one is now open of course, but I’m at a loss what to do with the other. I don’t want to bin it because that would be a waste but I don’t want to give it to anyone who I count as a friend.


I’ve not tried v3 chocolate yet.
What flavour powder were you adding the flavour boosts to?
I’m wondering if your taste buds hate natural sweeteners. The fbs have stevia. The flavoured powders have sucralose and stevia.
Personally my taste buds love stevia and hate sucralose but it sounds like you might be the opposite.

Have you tried unflavoured and then adding your own cocoa powder?

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Sorry to hear youre having a tough time! You can try adding various things to see if you can make something more palatable…coffee powder, powdered PB, cinnamon, blended banana, etc. Good luck!

With regards to the unopened bag, you can always return it back to Huel.

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Funny how how our taste buds are so different, I actually prefer Chocolate V3 to v2.3 and Chocolate V2.3 was my favourite of all flavours. I don’t get the plastic taste at all.

I tried all the flavour boosts with original vanilla and didn’t like any of them! Maybe I do have an issue with the sweeteners. The chocolate one was the most bearable so when I tried the pre-mix I was pleasantly surprised and have been ordering that along side the vanilla for several months. The unflavoured tastes like plain Readybrek and sawdust and i don’t always have the time to get the blender out and add fruit so i stick with the original vanilla as it’s nice on its own. The new chocolate is a disaster - I will return the second bag - and hope I can mix in enough things so i can get through the opened one! For now it’ll be back to just the vanilla.

Wow! That is bizarre! Chocolate 2.3 was kinda like cold Cadburys hot chocolate mix without the sweetness and that was great. V3 doesn’t taste of chocolate to me at all - I literally get nothing but acrid plastic! We are indeed all different.

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@TBond what area are you in? If you’re anywhere near Bristol I have a full unopened bag of chocolate v2.3 which I’d be happy to swap for the unopened chocolate v3.
I’m curious to try it out.
I’ve had huel black chocolate and I really like it.
It’s completely different from v2.3 choc tho so it may not be your thing

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Hi Christina - thanks for the offer but I’m in London, so not so easy! I may try the Huel black then just to see.

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I feel like the V3 Chocolate is just a bit stronger than the V2.3 one, but I like it.

I have a similar problem with the new v3 chocolate - plastic, almost chemical aftertaste. I loved v2.3 for its chocolate oatmeal kind of flavour and now I miss it very much so.


@ those who taste plastic-y:

I had the same issue with New Vanilla (tasted plasticy weird to me, but my friend ate it alright) vs Old Vanilla(Classic). Is it the same strange aftertaste?

Yes, but even more so to me!

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I don’t think huel should give their products names like chocolate etc. They should be like coffee ie hints of chocolate etc. As they don’t ever taste like the flavour name they are given. Although they can be nice. Why they taste of metal or plastic could be what your mixing them in? As I’ve only experienced those tastes from blenders or cheaper shakers or water bottles.

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It has to have something to do with different people’s tastebuds. I really never could stand New Vanilla… Chocolate is my go-to, but if v3.0 will have the same effect of plasticness as New Vanilla then I can’t have it. It really sucks, cause if I order a bag and it tastes like that now it’s basically rest in piece Huel for me ^^ (actually I havent tried banana yet)

I dunno. I find the flavours very strong, and mostly accurate. Vanilla tastes strongly of vanilla, Chocolate tastes strongly of some kind of weird supermarket chocolate from the 1940s, Mint Chocolate tastes like Chocolate that someone has crushed an entire skipload of Polos into, and Berry tastes exactly like a word I cannot transcribe here because it only exists in the language of the nightmare corpse-city of R’lyeh.


Those are all extremely accurate descriptions of the flavours!

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Are you Grandaddy Hueligan, in your 80s?

Interested to know how this compares the huel black chocolate as the huel black edition chocolate I could drink by the bucket load :joy::joy: and I find it tastes 100% like chocolate :drooling_face::drooling_face:


To me v2.3 chocolate tastes like biscuits!
V2.3 vanilla tastes like toffee and was disgustingly sweet and sickly.
V2.3 Original was sweet but plain and perfect to add flavour boosts to (I really hope they manage to replicate/create a v3 plain flavour)
V2.3 Berry was evil
V2.3 UU was awesome especially with added cacao or fbs

Huel black chocolate is great

I’m curious to try v3 chocolate but haven’t done so yet. As always, opinion is divided on the forum so far!

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I like both white and black chocolate versions actually. They don’t taste anything similar though. White is sweeter yet less chocolatey.