Chocolate Version 3 Any Huel Update?

Use unflavoured then - probably helps if you decided what ‘chocolate’ tastes like to you in advance of that. Just so you know - practically every commercial chocolate you buy contains either vanilla or vanillin as standard - so if you like that, then there’s no reason to suppose you wouldn’t like making chocolate huel yourself using vanilla as a base.

there has been a lot of separate discussions on this where many people have expressed their opinions including Huel staff. You just have to read through them all.

I understand you’re both frustrated and disappointed with the v3.0 Chocolate, we hear your complaints and take them all seriously. However we must be certain not to make a knee jerk reaction. Plenty of people love the Chocolate Huel, it sells very well, but I think it’s more common to voice concerns and complaints here on the forum about flavours and version changes (clearly we have tons of lovely positive stuff here too! I just mean, if people come to the forum to talk about a flavour we sell, it’s usually that they don’t like it).

At the moment we are gathering data from the customer experience team who track all these complaints methodically but as well looking at customer retention on flavours including Chocolate. I trust you have emailed our customer experience team about this? If not, I would recommend you do so it can be added into our this data set.

So you know we are looking at refinement, but only once we have conclusive data to prove it.

That’s actually our latest Bar release! The comments here are about our Powder, but you should definitely try the new Bar too :blush:!

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Oh yeah I was referring to the white bags; v3.0 chocolate powder Huel, since this seems to be what the thread is about. Sorry, should have made it more clear. Didn’t actually know there existed a white chocolate bar but it sounds delicious. Maybe I’ll put in an order when the time comes for more travelling, but for now I’m just a powder puff gal :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Blimey, wonder what caused that?

@Tim_Huel: Thanks for the reply! No I haven’t emailed the customer service, but I will do. I thought they also checked the forum?
And not too much frustration over here, don’t worry. It’s just a pity and I will pbb switch to other Huel flavours. For the sales numbers: that surprises me on one hand, but on the other hand it doesn’t. I guess we can only say something about a possible sales decline in a few months, since for instance my recent 5 Huel V3.0 Chocolate purchases were based on V2.3, but I will never again buy Huel chocolate 3.0. So my own small decline is not factored in yet, and likely that holds for more people.

Just out of curiosity, what was the reason to change the taste of the chocolate version?

If I worked in customer services at Huel I’d only check the forum if I had no other work to do. 97% of the posts here are about what happens if you put Robocop in a microwave.


is there anything more deserving talking about than that? :laughing:


“Robocop! How did you end up inside a microwave?”
“Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”

- Murphy’s Law

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Ah, but there is. The 3.0 formula (at least for the chocolate) is undrinkable in my opinion. So, if it’s the same base for other flavors, including the vanilla, I have no reason to believe that the vanilla will be good. I have no desire to waste money on a product that has such a bad aftertaste. Also, I don’t want to have to mix my own chocolate when there are other products out there. I really have enjoyed Huel, but I’m not so brand loyal that I’m going to jump through hoops to create my own flavors. I can tell from these boards that you are a big fan - I appreciate that. I just don’t see this working for me.

Tim, thank you so much for the reply. I did not email customer service, but I did call them right after I received my first 3.0 order to voice my opinion. I wish the outlet was still an option, but understand that probably would not be cost effective for you to continue making 2 separate formulas. I think most people will simply vote with their money. Once my 2.3 formula is gone, I will simply be finding an alternative.

I am a little curious - does this mean there was conclusive data to prove that people didn’t like the 2.3 formula and that is why the flavor was drastically changed?

@sleighty: Honestly I think it’s an issue only for the chocolate V3. The choc-mint V3 is fine. I haven’t tried the other flavours yet (have some vanilla bags) but I don’t expect an issue there.

But probably @Tim_Huel can give more information on whether they changed the ‘chocolate molecule’. If so, we can guess it’s chocolate-specific.

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How big is your microwave?!

He fits if you detach all the robotic parts. He’s just a (partial) head, a spine, and a set of lungs.

Even his mouth and chin aren’t real, which is why they’re bulletproof.

Thank you for explaining. I’ll save for the future in case the need arises.

I even created a poll to bring back v2.3 chocolate and it showed quite well that only a very small minority think that v3 chocolate is better: Poll to bring back the v2.3 chocolate flavour

I haven’t been very active on the forum after my 2 favourite tastes were completely changed and ruined (imho). It is the same story every year for the last 3 years. I discover a complete food company that has a near-perfect product but then they radically change it and it is completely different so I have to find a new brand.

There could be a solution here. Bring back v2.3 chocolate as a ‘new’ flavour and keep v3 chocolate as a product. Or rename v3 chocolate into something that is more fitting to its name and bring back the v2.3 taste as just ‘chocolate’.


Totally agree! Have you found a new brand that you like?

It doesn’t say in your profile Stacey where you are based - but for UK store customers, Chocolate 2.3 is back in the outlet store with a minimum of 3 months remaining on its BBE date.

I’m in Germany.

Yes, but I still have Huel for breakfast although there isn’t a Huel flavour anymore which I would love to have. Vanilla is pretty okay but my 2 favourites of the past (chocolate and berry) are now completely different.