Poll to bring back the v2.3 chocolate flavour

No difference between 2.3 and 3.0…are you having a laugh.

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Are you… Are you talking to me? Because i never said that :frowning:

No, I just looked at the results of the poll. Comparing 2.3 and 3.0 is like comparing marmite and Nutella to me, I can’t believe some people can’t taste a difference. :exploding_head:


Ahhh okay, i was confused, i’d just wrote about the poll and thought that i had rambled into another subject :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah… even if you smoke 2 packs a day you should be able to tell the difference as it is really big.

Post from Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Huel/comments/flqtas/why_does_huel_feel_so_addictive/

Somebody finds v2.3 addictive as it tastes so amazing. v3 is not even remotely similar… :frowning:

Genuinely shocked how awful 3.0 chocolate tastes. It’s got an awful aftertaste, and the actual taste is poor too. I have one bag and I’m trying to get through it but it’s a struggle.

I even wonder if maybe they’ve mixed up the bag incorrectly because of the pressure to get Huel delivered for the coronavirus outbreak…?

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Nothing got mixed up, I got my Huel way before the corona pandemic and chocolate v3 tastes just like you described.

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Echoing others thoughts that 3.0 chocolate is just bad, the smell makes me gag, smells like chocolate angel delight mixed with some thoroughly non-edible chemicals. The actual taste is kind of acceptable (too sweet though), but the smell overrides it, get a big whiff of it when raising the cup to drink. Aftertaste is bad too, have to eat something else to get rid of it.

Between this and the RTD supplier change making them undrinkable, it will be my last Huel order until they bring back chocolate 2.3, which had a nice mild chocolate taste and smelled of porridge rather than chemicals.

Also the new scoop design is poorly thought out, not everything is as wide as the shaker bottle, goes everywhere trying to fill my blender cup

To not be totally negative, good job on the GI reduction, noticeable improvement there

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I don’t know whether to start doubling my orders as I don’t think I will continue with Huel once I can no longer purchase 2.3…do you still have a lot of stock left @Dan_Huel @Charlotte_Huel? How much time do I have left!!! :grimacing: :pleading_face:


Regarding the aftertaste, I find it to be one of the worst things about v3 chocolate and I usually chew gum to get rid of it. So it is similar to the experience that @dark has had.

Considering the massive demand that Huel is experiencing right now, I’m afraid that the absolutely amazing taste of v2.3 chocolate will live on only in our memories. :sob:

Regarding the last statement, I would compare it to pasta producers, they will not change their recipes in the situation where the world is at right now. As people are buying their produce en masse, without even thinking about the taste. The only problem they have is producing enough pasta, taste is somewhere far behind.

Completely agree with the flavour of v3 being considerably worse. Bought as many bags of v2.3 from the outlet as would be sensible, and will not be buying anymore Huel if the v3 flavour isn’t reversed or otherwise changed. Its really not very nice IMO.

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I’d go along with that too. For me v3.0 chocolate is fine. If anything, I think I crave it more when wondering which flavour to start on next than I did with v2.3. Not so sure on the change in banana flavour, but I’ve only had one batch so far.

I’m really stunned by this. I can’t taste the difference between the two.

You recently joined the forum, are you sure that you’re not comparing Huel Black with V3 Chocolate?

V2.3 and V3 chocolate are radically different and the results of the polls kind of show that although some people have already forgot the heavenly taste of V2.3. :smiley:

If you have truly tried V2.3 chocolate and cannot tell a difference then you might be a nontaster: https://www.livescience.com/17190-supertaster-nontaster-tongue-evolution.html

Personally I’m on the other end of the spectrum as I’m a supertaster. It kind of makes sense as a few thousand years ago my ancestors were still hunter-gatherers while most Europeans had already been farmers for millenniums.

I think most voters haven’t tried either flavour. They’re just voting for the one you described as “amazing”.

But it was never amazing! It was merely fine. You are worse than Trump.

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Tastes differ but I genuinely believe that V2.3 chocolate tasted amazing and I have tried a lot of different complete foods. :slight_smile:

I’m new to the forum, but I’ve been eating Huel for about a year. Just thought I’d see what other people were doing with it.

A non-taster vs supertaster! That’s hilarious.

I wonder if v3.0 Chocolate is really as bad as people say.

I’m a big fan of chocolate. My favourite is dark chocolate, and I’ve tried loads of different brands and cocoa percentages. I think v3.0 Chocolate doesn’t actually taste like chocolate (maybe more like biscuits), but it’s still quite decent. People complain about bitterness (I think it’s slight) but bear in mind cocoa powder is also bitter-tasting.

But then again, I never tried v2.3. The last Huel I tried was v2.2 Vanilla with the Chocolate FB, and it was too sweet for me. It was a combination of the ongoing Coronavirus situation + premixes being available that made me come back to Huel again. I’ve been enjoying it so far :yum:

That seems to be what has happened – the chocolate flavouring has switched to a more earthy and bitter ‘plain’ chocolate taste which isn’t sitting well with people who don’t like that and prefer a sweetened milk chocolate taste. Again – easy to work around if that’s their preference.