Complete Protein - Version Change

Hi everyone

We’re making some changes to Complete Protein v1.0. We’ve listened to Hueligan feedback and refined our recipe, whilst making changes that are also better for the planet:seedling:

Enter…Complete Protein v2.0, which we will start switching to from early July 2023.

What are the changes?

  • :tongue:IMPROVED TASTE - We have made subtle improvements to all flavours with minimal changes to the nutritional profile.
  • :green_heart: IMPROVED SUSTAINABILITY - By switching from a tub to a recyclable pouch we are using loads less plastic and will reduce the packaging carbon footprint by 86.8%*
  • :sunglasses: THE PRODUCT YOU LOVE- Each serving is still 105kcal and contains 20g of plant-based protein, including 9g of essential amino acids (EAAs) and 5g of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs).
  • :medal_sports: Vegan and Kosher certified, with a snazzy new recyclable label.
  • :black_heart: Transparency is important between us and you all: we made the decision to remove probiotics, piperine and curcumin. We’re sorry if this isn’t the news you wanted to hear. Our intention is to consistently provide products that are aligned with our mission to offer affordable and sustainable nutrition. We made a conscious decision not to raise the price, which led to certain choices. By taking out ingredients that contributed little, we were able to maintain affordability without compromising nutritional quality.

(The full nutritional information page will be available prior to launch and we’ll add the link then.)

*Carbon calculations utilise the UK Government GHG Conversion Factors for Company


Great news on the packaging and the piperine removal – I have big issues with it causing adverse reaction with my eyes so that’s a welcome omission at least.

Affordability has to be number one - if it’s not affordable the nutrient profile becomes completely irrelevant. Big thumbs up on the tough decisions taken there.


Changing from tubs to bags is a great thing too, for the savings.


Affordability has to be number one - if it’s not affordable the nutrient profile becomes completely irrelevant.

That’s massively subjective. Huel Protein is already the most expensive on the market but seems to have a good consumer base.

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I still think you should remove sucrolose and replace with stevia/monk fruit


Really? - It’s £3.30 / 100 gm so seems to be pretty much middle range for vegan protein and certainly cheaper than brands like Form, PhD, Naturya, Amazing Grass, Applied Nutrition, USN, Pulsin, Foodspring etc.

that’s not a common sweetener in Europe,

Will Chocolate and Unflavoured be coming back in stock in their current forms or are you waiting for the switch?

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In what way? All I was suggesting is that if a customer can’t afford to buy a product then the attractiveness of the product becomes completely immaterial. A statement of the obvious perhaps.

In the way that affordable is one of the most subjective adjectives to a customer base.

To play the point: “I don’t particularly care if no one else in the entire country can afford it, because I can.”

Affordability varies so massively between demographics there’s no way it can be number one ever, because then you sacrifice quality to accommodate it.

Missed this bit - Great point!

Yes they should be back in stock in approximately 1 week’s time :slightly_smiling_face:

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OK I see the issue, you’re talking affordability across a population, I meant affordability to an individual. eg me. :rofl:

Still not so cheap. I pay about 1.8-2 euros/100g for vegan protein blend (no flavour) that mixes really well with Huel.

Not the cheapest but, like I said, sits squarely in the median price wise of similar products.

Ha - Now we’re getting somewhere. I understand what you mean.

I thought your comment meant that you think Huel’s number one priority should be affordability, when I think reading your reply there you meant that affordability is your number one concern when considering the purchase.

I see!

although I really do think Huel’s number one priority should be affordability!

I completely agree the notion of general affordability is subjective, affected by a lot of variables, but I’m very glad Huel is making necessary tweaks and tucks to keep prices stable.

Can’t emphasise enough how encouraging it is that Huel have held prices steady during the ongoing food-price-inflation crisis. :pray:

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I just don’t understand what everybody seems to find wrong about sucralose. It’s sweet and calorie-free.
And according to all the “news” we are confronted with on the web, especially social media, almost everything causes cancer and is toxic. So I would not worry too much about it.

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Good point. It’s why I drink petrol


Thanks for letting us know.
@JamesCollier What are the best before dates on your stock of current version.