New product launch ⭐ A Complete Protein Bar!

We’re raising the bar :chocolate_bar: Introducing our Complete Protein Bar

We are really excited about this product, whether you love our v3.1 Bars or don’t, you will love these!

Here are some things you need to know!

4 new delicious flavours:

:candy: Salted Caramel
:strawberry: Raspberry
:banana: Banoffee
:peanuts: Peanut Butter

  • 66% higher in plant-based protein *than our v3.1 Bar (20g per bar - 18g for the Peanut Butter)
  • 70% less sugar* (1.1g - 2.4g per bar)
  • Covered in a delicious cocoa coating
  • 200 calories per bar
  • Includes honeycomb, raspberry, banana and peanut pieces

Obviously we’ve crammed in 26 vitamins and minerals and made sure every bar is nutritionally complete. But we’ve really turned up the taste and covered the whole thing in a smooth cocoa coating too. Protein bars won’t ever be the same.

You can find all the nutritional information here:

And the product page here, alongside a Selection Box so you can try all of them:

:rotating_light: We are getting each site up and running through the day, so if you hit the link it might not be available just yet, but give it time and it will be! Please don’t contact the CX team just yet!

If you want to try a few flavours you can add a Selection Box via the ‘Exclusive Basket Offers’ section of the check out or via your account (just scroll down on the Account Overview page).

If you have any questions at all, then just drop them below!


So I guess it’s time to set another order. Peace

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Just added a selection box to an order of more 2.0 RTD – stocking up for some post-travel home quarantine supplies :blush:

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Just saw the email! Is there an option to add individual bars to an upcoming delivery please? Can’t commit to a whole box/£30 when I wasn’t too keen last time I tried the other bars :grimacing:

So it is not vegan?

Honeycomb as in the candy - which doesn’t contain any honey.

What a world we live in, honeycomb is not related to honey anymore apparently.

its just called that because of its appearance and sweet taste :joy:

Really shows that I’m not an expert on candy at all :smiley: Maybe that’s why Huel is such a good fit for me.


Don’t do this to me! Scenes of me googling honeycomb and being like “SURELY someone thought about this” :man_technologist: :hotsprings: :fire:

Huel is vegan, honeycomb has no honey in, everyone calm down :sweat_smile:

Not at the moment, Saira. I’ll put in the suggestion though!


Thanks @Tim_Huel! Brought my order forward to tomorrow so I guess it’ll have to wait until whenever I’m next able to order next year. Literally my typical luck :joy:

My peanut butter contained no butter; I was outraged. My cream soda contained no cream; I was mortified.


Aw not had that for years. Here in Scotland we call it puff candy. Gives you a fright if you make it yourself as it boils to the top of your pot. :blush:

:smiley: Sorry about that. It did strike me as odd for Huel. I really thought that if something is sweet and has the word ‘honey’ in it, then it probably does contain honey. The first hit on wikipedia for honeycomb was also the bee product.

Maybe it was the wording “Includes honeycomb, raspberry, banana and peanut pieces”, where I know that raspberry/banana/peanut are individual ingredients not composed of anything else that too lead me to think that honeycomb was that individual waxy item.

I used to believe that peanut butter contains butter too for a long time. And that coconut milk was just cow milk flavored with coconuts. Food terminology is weird.

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I don’t get these. 8g more protein than the usual bars, mildly different macros. What’s the USP?

Between all the powder variations, two RTD recipes, and now these, the Huel proposition is starting to get a little confusing.

higher protein snack bars are a huge growth business globally (although the biggest market share appears to be bars with >25g protein) but I guess the expanding range such as the bars and complete protein powder would also allow sales in countries where ‘meal replacements’ are heavily regulated - such as Canada?

For sure, but I meant vs the regular huel bars. 8g more protein isn’t a huge jump, they’re essentially the same product.

Hello folks, I received my selection boxes today and so far have tried the salted caramel and banoffee flavours.

Compared to the previous versions - which I really like (and have lots of to get through) - these are a huge improvement in terms of texture and taste; the Huel development team should be really proud of themselves as these bars are tasty and filling, and eating one feels very much like having a “treat”.

I haven’t tried the raspberry and peanut versions, but I assume they’re both dark chocolate-coated; if so, just to say, I would love to see a white chocolate-coated version at some point in the future…

But, bottom line is these new bars are a very welcome addition to the Huel range and I’ll be stashing a few in my work bag, gym bag, car’s glove box, etc… :+1:



I guess this answers most of it :point_down:

We’ve worked hella hard making these a tastier bar. We love our v3.1 Bars, and I know many here do too, but let’s be honest many people try them and don’t.

I wouldn’t say the macro’s are slightly different, it’s

  • 25 Carbs
  • 30 Fat
  • 40 Protein
  • 5 Fibre

vs v3.1

  • 36 Carbs
  • 35 Fat
  • 24 Protein
  • 5 Fibre

I’d say that’s a pretty different proposition. A high protein snack. But yeah of course if you love the other bars then carry on!

@AlexGreyhead thanks so much for the feedback, stoked to hear you loved them and I’ll be sure to let the team know! Love the white chocolate idea too, I can definitely get on board with that!